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John Clayton on 980 (Coming up)


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I say lets go with Meeks less hype around him and maybe he will have a chip on his sholder to prove something.

Exactly. Hey, Danny could have something up his sleeve after all!

I'd still prefer GW, but if they want to hire a coordinator from a successful team like the Colts, that would be fine too.

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Ok, below is what I got from the interview with Clayton.

Technically down to three Williams, Fassel, and Meeks….

Once got past Tuesday, his feeling is that Williams slipped behind Fassel, if no hiring by end of this week, they are wating for giants D-coordinator….

If they announce a choice this week it will be Fassel.

Curious process, concern is whether they are going back to the old days of no continuity. Stability has helped this team out and is needed.

Dan Snyder in total control of this process.

Future doesn’t look good for Al Saunders no matter who gets the job. Gets the feeling they are going in a different direction on offense.

Joe Gibbs is working behind the scenes to do the best he can to swing it to Gregg Williams.

Cerrato is the guy that Snyder trusts and Snyder relies on.

Snyder as an owner has learned a lot over the past 4 years with Gibbs.

If they hire a coach this week, it’s going to be Fassell. If Fassell not named by Friday, they will want to interview Spagnula (sp).

Cotinuity means that Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato are still running things. Any new coach will have to accept that Snyder and Cerrato will make the personal decisions.

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