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I just got a crazy thought (re. Fassel/coaching situation)


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Seriously, we need this madness to end one way or the other so my head stops playing these crazy scenarios.

So ok - I am now thinking that we are going after both Cowher AND Fassel - Cowher to be the HC an Fassel to be our OC, naturally.

Why Cowher? Because it just makes sense. At least from a Dan Snyder WOW factor. Yeah, he said he was not coaching. Fassel also said that he never interviewed with the Skins. As Bubba mentione earlier, believe nothing.

Why Fassel as OC? There have been a lot of rumors of people not happy with Saunders and thinking that JC is not the right QB for his system. Maybe Synder thinks we need to change the offense. Maybe Cowher doesn't want Saunders. It has been rumored that Fassel was also potentially interviewing as an OC.

As for Williams. I have no ****ing clue. But I just don't see the process taking this long and it ending up him. Just doesn't make sense. Maybe he doesn't even want to be a HC. Maybe those four interviews were to see how he likes the idea of Cowher and Fassel.

I don't know - I'm really reaching here. I'm going crazy.

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