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Can We Just Give GW & Al Saunders a Chance


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I'm making a case to have these two in place I've def been reading around and this deserves its on thread. Everyone is asking why should we keep GW or Al Saunders and why we should keep them in place for continuity.

The main thing people aren't pointing out is that with GW it took him 4 years to get him in place with his personel and coaches. Al Saunders has had two years here the players now understand his system and so those JC for the most part and with Joe and his conservative, run first coaching gone we can see with this offense is about. This has really if you put it all together been really 6 years of work implementing the system and the players.

Lets give these guys at least one more year and lets see what they can do, to blow it up right now would be like jumping off a bridge and having to climb back up. This isn't about continuity its about giving them a second chance to prove that they can succed in this league, if they can't cut it next year then let it be but lets give them one more year with GW as head coach and Al Saunders as OC just one more chance than we can tear it up if they don't make.

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They can wait to hire fassel or whoever but lets at least see what GW can do, his past record is his past it won't take two or three years for him to start to win games he can win them now. This year isn't a good year to go after coaches anyway so lets see what GW has if he has success right away Snyder looks smart if he gives him two years and it doesn't work no one will blame Snyder and then he can go after Cowher to rebuild.

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