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Is "The Man" In The House?


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The first preseason game is one week away. It's time.

Just posted the first Prediction Thread on "The Man" Competition forum. Anyone interested in getting on board from the start ... come on down.

Let's see what you've got. cool.gif

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You don't HAVE to, Chosen. I won't be excluding any predictions that don't show them separately.

I'm just hoping to minimize the chances of my questionable math skills screwing things up, especially if a bunch of people end up playing.

I talked about it briefly in the initial post expounding on the Rules & guidelines ... smile.gif

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Skins Freak, sorry I didn't pick up your question earlier. If I understand, you're wondering how we'll break ties for each game. Answer: we won't. The game will run all season (reminder: the preseason is a dry run & will not count towards the real thing), with the winner crowned when the Skins' season is done. The tiebreaker(s), if necessary, won't apply until then.

From week to week, there will likely be ties. When that happens, those players will share weekly winner honors, but I suspect that over the course of the year, someone will separate from the pack. Hope that answers the question. If not, let me know ...


I know it's just preseason, and that some are likely employing subtle strategery, keeping their powder dry until the last minute, but ...

As of this morning, only 13 predictions are on record for Sunday night's game. Of those, only one picks the Chiefs (we're nothing if not loyal, it seems). While I suppose Buddha might disagree smile.gif, I'd kind of like to see a little more action ...

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In what should in no way be considered a crass, shallow or transparent attempt to scare up more action for "The Man" Competition, we have magnanimously extended the deadline for posting predictions for tonight's Falcons game.

The polls will now close at <FONT COLOR="yellow">6:00 p.m. (EST) this evening.</FONT c>

It may "just be preseason," but still ... cool.gif

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