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Keep your heads high guys....Playoffs are still very much a possibility..

Tom [Giants fan]

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The Redskins can't win the NFC East but if the Saints lose tomorrow night, the Skins are still only one game out of the wildcard. Hey, if the Saints lose tomorrow night, the Giants are way in the playoff race. With the same record as the Skins, the Skins are way in the playoff race too. You guys should be proud of the way the Redskins have played after that 0-5 start. Playoffs or not, this is a good year for the Redskins.

I still will not root for the Eagles just because they are NFC East in the playoffs if the Giants don't make it. I just hate them. More than the Cowboys and the Redskins combined!!!

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Thanks for the well-wishes, Tom.......however, if Skins fans are still thinking playoffs, we are now put in the position of cheering for the Eagles, as they can be in the hunt for a first-round bye and even possibly home-field throughout (although the way the Eagles have played at home this year that may not be such a good thing for them). That would give the Eagles incentive to win the last game at Tampa, which may help us if we take care of business......a proposition that seems unlikely, given our inability to score points.

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The Redskins clearly don't have the talent to win the Super Bowl this season. After starting out 0-5 only a complete fan-atic would think this was the Redskins "year" to shine.

What this season is about is gaining respect. And laying the foundation of a good organization.

That means finishing well by being competitive against the Bears and Saints and not stubbing our toes at home against the Cardinals.

I said a couple of weeks ago that a 9-7 record would not only be a good finish, but would represent one of the most amazing turnarounds I have ever seen.

Even at 8-8, going 8-3 in the final 11 weeks when the schedule got much more difficult is a good outcome.

The Redskins don't have a quarterback with a rating in the 80's, a receiver close to 1,000 yards in catches or a pass rusher in the top 10.

Those are some obvious signs this team has some improvements to make before it can be considered a favorite in any regard.

I don't understand why some Redskins fans can't see that. Did anyone really believe that this team was going to be 13-3 this season?

If so, it was wishful thinking.

Is finishing at 8-8 or 9-7 after 0-5 the worst thing that could happen?

No, the worst thing is HAVING one of the better teams personnel-wise or being close and failing to deliver on that promise.

That is where teams like Tampa find themselves.

And that is altogether a different story than what we have here. smile.gif

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Thanks Tom. I hate the Eagles just as much as I hate the Cowboys. I hope our first two games next year are the Eagles and Cowboys.

Actually watched most of the game before I turned the damn set off. The Better team won and I am going to eat that crow.

The Skins are still in the wild card hunt, so I won't give up until we are elimated. What sucks, the Skins needs the Eagles to beat the Bucs.

The Skins need to win all 3 games or at least 2 and have help. If we can go 8-8; then my prediction for this year will have been met.

I can't wait to see the Eagles lose in the playoffs because they won't win more than a game if that.

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The Eagles don't want that first round bye! For the WC they want Tampa since we all know Tampa can't play in cold weather. Then, since the rest of their games would be on the road, they'd have a shot at the Game. If we want to make sure the Eagles don't go to the Game, we need them to get at leat the byelaugh.gif

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