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I love this fight. Who wants to see Cotto murder Cintron....that fight wouldn't even be close.

Berto/Collazo II
this fight needs to get signed. Both parties already verbally agreed to fight again.
Pacquiao is already set to fight Hatton, whether he wins or loses he needs to fight Marquez again (in my opinion) If Pacquiao beats Hatton, I think Floyd will come back and fight him in one of the largest money fights ever.
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Dawson-Tarver cancelled! By Butch Gottlieb

Boxinginlasvegas was just informed by IBF/IBO champion Chad Dawson’s trainer, Eddie Mustafa Muhammad that Chad has sustained a hairline fracture in his right hand and that the March 14th rematch between him and former champ Antonio Tarver has been postponed. Further details will be posted as they become available.

February 17th, 2009

hopefully it gets scrapped overall and Dawson moves on to better competition

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busy weekend of boxing:

on friday night fights, Yuriorkis Gamboa is fighting again and Bredis Prescott (who flatlined hyped up prospect Amir Khan) fights as well

saturday night Pavlik & Cotto look to rebound from their first career defeats. Cotto faces Michael Jennings & Pavlik fights Marco Antonio Rubio.

Cotto & Pavlik should have no trouble finishing their opponents inside of 7 rounds as they're more of the "get your confidence back" type of opponents.

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I hate paying for a Super Fight only to find out that one of the fighters was trying to cheat. Margarito has been suspended for a year for relatively the same offence as baseball players taking steriods. His hands were wrapped with a different kind of substance that adds weight. What is going on?

David Haye, who looks poised to be the next big thing, does something very dumb. He poses for a magazine holding the cut out head of Vitali as part of the promotion to fight Wlad. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for hype and entertainment leading up to a fight. But why in the world would you want to anger a fighter that is our current equivalent to Drago?

Prediction: This fight is going to get ugly, very ugly. Somebody is going to get knocked out.

It's been a long time since the HeavyWeight Division, the crown jewel of Boxing, has had this much anticipation for a fight. :helmet:

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Any idea if Punisher will eventually take on Ghost? THAT would be a fun fight to watch.

depends on how impressive Paul is against Winky on April 11th. if he looks good, it would be the biggest name Pavlik could get outside of Arthur Abraham.

paul's shown a world-class chin, if he could take pavlik's shot i think he'd have a good chance of winning that fight. pavlik is workman, good at everything, not great at anything. his lack of speed & head movement would allow paul with active workrate to take alot of rounds

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Pac-man is moving up to super-lightweight to face Hatton.

Some fights this weekend.


a damn good fight between Juan Diaz & Juan Manuel Marquez

Diaz had problems with Nate Campbell, Marquez is a step above Campbell in most areas. The Baby Bull has very active workrate, but he lacks the power to bother JMM. should be a great fight, but i see JMM taking a clear cut unanimous decision along the lines of 116-112(or 8 rounds to 4)

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Chris John was robbed in his fight against Rocky Juarez. Juarez is a boring fighter. He did come on strong in the last 2 rounds with the harder shots, but he got outboxed the entire fight. If only John had some "Pop" in his punches. Fight should not have been a draw. Here's to a good main event. Marquez should win by unanimous decision. He's a better boxer/fighter.

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