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If the saints lose and the vikings are getting crushed at halftime


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I dont know. I'm always worried resting starters while their on a win streak can put a funk in their mojo. Play it out til the end no matter what. Having said that,arent we currently playing without like 7 of our regular starters already? I know were not resting them, but we are without them.

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we are a average team

we need to play our starters the whole game

our starters sucks 2nd half

how well u think our backups will do?

You've entirely missed the point of this thread. IF the Saints lose and the Vikings are getting blown out, do we pull the starters? If we pull the starters we avoid the risk of injury, which would be to our benefit during the playoffs.

Regardless of what you think about the starters, you've completely lost track of the purpose of this thread. :doh:

Moreover, read a book and utilize dictionary.com. ;)

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no way.... I dont think anyone will even know the score much less care... they know they have to win... no one wants to back into the playoffs... especially not with a home loss to cowboys.. no matter if there is absolutely nothing at stake....

they arent going out like that...

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