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GMC Acadia vs Yukon


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I'm in the market looking for a new (or slightly used) 7/8 passenger truck. When the Acadia came out last year I absolutely loved it. It's the new cross-over type of vehicle - sits lower than the Yukon with a more car-like ride and better gas mileage. Does anybody have an Acadia and how do you like it? Any problems?

My dilema is this - I don't like to buy brand new cars, but the Acadia has only been out a year. I can get an 05, 06 or 07 Yukon for less than I would spend on an 07 or 08 Acadia. But on the other hand the Acadia will cost less in gas.

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We have a Saturn Outlook which is the same as an Acadia and we have loved it. It is one of the most comfortable cars I've ever owned.

The downside is it sucks gas, though not as bad as the Yukon, and it is a long car making it twitchy to maneuver in tight parking lots.

We also had problems with the sunroof and its drain system, but the dealer fixed the problem after one or two attempts and it seems to now be a standard fix, though at the time nobody had seen the problem yet.

Good luck.

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