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Mort ranks the QBs


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Chris Mortenson ranked the NFL Quarterbacks. 19 is BJ - I thought BJ is better than that. Jeff George was ranked 23, a fair evaluation for a guy who has never lived up to his hype.


19. Brad Johnson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The best thing that can be said about Johnson is that he's a pro's pro. He has tremendous work ethic and he understands the game. He does build confidence in his teammates. Good size but average arm. Obviously, must stay healthy. Still, the Bucs are the Bucs. They will always be somewhat conservative, and Johnson will execute as well as anyone what Tony Dungy wants from his offense.

23. Jeff George, Washington Redskins: Yes, he has the arm (as long as he's healthy). He can make a lot of throws most QBs can't, although please don't say he has a stronger arm than Favre, Culpepper and Brooks. His mechanics still basically stink, which is indicative of his work ethic. He does not inspire his teammates, but he also is not a total loser. He has led the Falcons to the playoffs and he had a winning record as a starter in Minnesota.

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George does have an arm just as strong as the afore mentioned QBs and wen he has an O line h has worked o his footwok but with the current O line throwing on the off foot is a good idea


Take a sip of the Marty Kool Aid and Believe

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