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some camp pics


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Excellent pics Skins57.

I like Jansen too. Who was playing alongside him at the guard spot while you were there?

D Mac doesn't look like the tall lanky receiver I was lead to believe. He appears to have nearly the same build as Westy and Gardner.


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So true ND. Skins57, I understand you were in the bleachers Saturday with Blade, while right below you Braves on the Warpath and I stood. Those are good shots, considersing the constant overcast and strange lighting that kept occuring in that area. Well, the season may bring a lot more of us together, and YES, Please send more photos smile.gif .

I left the film, and besides the kind of day I was having,

I didn't want to know what would eventually come next, a thunderstorm! laugh.gif

To give a clue where we were at the time an event took place, "before" the band played Saturday, we were standing by the guy that dresses in the native headdress and signed autographs.

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Great pics! Is that your Redskins trailer in the first pic?

I always like to see my WR's with guns like Westy!


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ND- it was mainly Coleman that was playing right guard when JAnsen was up at the sled. McCants is bigger than I thought but there was only 2 players that were smaller than I tought and that was Jeff George and SAmuels, they said Samuels lost some and is in the 290's I hope that isn't too small. McCants is going towin the 4th reciever and most likely be the 3rd reciever next year, I think.

My friend Dan, my daughter and I were sitting at the end opposite from the entrance and before the band played we walked down to the grass about 10-15 yards from the end of the bleachers and that is where I met Blade. We got in line to get Champ's autograph and then went down and got Samuels and almost got Alexander. We saw the storm coming so we decided to head back to the car and unloaded all the stuff we had collected all day. We came back tothe entrance and seen the huge craowds again and we just turned around and left, we all were tired I had been up since 3 AM after going to bed at 1 am.

I would have loved to meet some more of you guys. I met a few other guys but the names are slipping away.

The trailer was the souvnier trailer at camp

Hail Skins

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