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Skins vs Pats


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Pats win Kickoff Ref sounds a lil Nervous

Kick gets to the one Stopped by #26 Ohalete at 14 yd line

1 Redmon sweeps left for 15 yds

2 M Edwards for 5 stopped by Boose

3 Bledsoe pass incomplete

4 3rd and 5 pass complete 6 yard on hook stopped by Smoot

5 1st and 10 Bledsoe back for pass Sacked by Boose It looked like Lang atfirst

6 2nd and 11 bledose pass to the seam number 25 Greer is burnt. tackle by terrell

7 Hand off To Redmond stopped for 2 td loss by K lang

8 2nd and 12 at 48 Bledsoe pass complete to #80 stopped by Terrell and barber at 38

9 play fake on 3rd and 2 no gain

10 punt to bates is angled out of bounds at 21 yd line


1 Davis minimal gain flag on play holding on #52 Raymer

2 1st and 20 from 11 Davis gains six on run to the right Maloy save a bigger run

3 2nd and 13 George back for pas is tipped by LB incomplete good hit on Alexander

4 J George sacked pessure up the middle he could have thrown it away but why take a chance of gettig hit while passing

5 Punt to kevin Faulk return is nice stopped by Flemister

Pats 1st and 10 at the skins 44

1 Bledsoe pass to Torrance Small over the middle is dropped No Huddle

2 Pass to Redman gins 7 stopped at 37

3 3rd and 3 pass to receiver incomplete n slant ball knocked out by SMOOT very nice play receiver had inside Smoot stuck his hand in at last minute

4 punt touchback

Skins ball 1st and 10 at 20

1 swing pass to alexader incomplete hedropped it

2 Davis gains a couple holding on #79 Szott

3 2nd and 20 George passes for 6 to Westy ball behind him s he falls to ground

4 3rd and 14 shotgun empty backfield incomplete ineligible lineman Raymer downfield declined

5 Punt to K Faulk Terrell gets there as the ball arrives tackles Faulk for a loss while on his stomach


1 Redmon runs for a couple fumbles K Lang strips him of the ball Boose recovers Pats Challenge

Skins ball nconclusive

1 Davis on sweep loss of 3

2 2nd 13 at Pats 38 pass to davis Westy was open for a touchdown

3 3rd and 3 hands off to Davis stopped by Mcginest no blocking to much defensive penetration

4 48 yd FG is good by onway


Pats return ball to 23

1 Bledoe passes for 4 yds to M Edwards

2 2nd and 6 Redmon on sweep left stopped by D Boose #72

3 3rd and 7 pass complete to number 80 for first down beat #25 Greer boose was offsides declined

4 Redmon stopped for no gain at pats 35 by M Coleman

5 2nd and 11 M Edwards 14 yds on pass Boose slams Bledsoe to ground

6 Deep pass to B Emanuel incomplete blanketed by Darrell green

7 Draw to edwards gains about 2 at the 50

8 3rd and 8 Deep pass almost interceptedby Smoot the Receiver had to turn into the defender to prevent the INT

9 Punt to bates 6 yard return inside the 10 bates returns for 6 smart move because the ball would have been downed inside the ten

Skins ball at 13 pass rush incomplete intentional grounding in the endzone Safety end of the 1st Quarter Skins 3 Pats 2

Play under review The Guards are being beat constantly

Not a safety 2nd and 22 skins ball

2 pass to Gardner complete gain of 12 nice zip on pass

3 3rd and 12 at 11 pass to Alexander incomplete pass rush a step away

Punt to faulk returned to skins 47 yd line

1 Redmon runs to the 43 stopped by Shade

2 Redmon stopped for a loss by Lavar

3 3rd and 8 pass to Brown complete stopped by lavar and mason 4th and inches

4 run up the middle by edwards gains a first bythe refs marking the ball wrong lavar leap did work

5 run for 6 yd

6 Bledsoe pass tipped downfield by Boose the guy was covering M Edwards

7 3rd an 4 Lavar on blitz causes Bledsoe to pass soon incomplete pass nearly intercpted

by Greer

8 FG is no good skins ball Skins 3 pats 0

Skins ball at the 39

1 Kj Carter to the left for 4

2 JGeorge with zip completes pass on square in to Gardner 1st down

3 play fake pass deep is intercepted at the goal line overthrow well Gardner let up early

there was pressure in his face as he threw the ball.

Pats ball at 33

1 pass to TE comlete

2 running play nets a yard

3 3rd and 5 pass to antwain smith complete for 18 yds beats Smoot

4 1 and 10 at skins 44 Antwan smith runs for no gain

5 Bledsoe throws to the feet of B Emanuel

6 3rd and 9 Bledsoe passes t Brown for completion greer tried to go for int 20 yd gain

7 Draw play is for a yard stopped by E Mason

8 pass to patten goes for touchdown we were in a zone blitz but no penetration Bledsoe had all day PAT is good

Pats 7 skins 3

Kickoff into endzone K Watson brings it back to the 25

1 JGEorge back for pass hit from behind sack fumble pats ball from LOT spot

Pats bledsoe passes complete stopped by greer

2 2d and 5 Smith runs up the middle for 4

3 3rd and a pantssnake Bryan Cox in as the Full back 1st and goal

4 A Smith runs to the 4

5 Smith breaks tackle(s) TD Lavar blocked in the back. Shade should hhave had him for a loss Pats 14 skins 3

Kickoff K Watson returns the ball to the 27

1 J George pass to KJ carter complete

2 2nd and 5 pass to Gardner complete nice zip

18 yd gain to midfield 2 minute warning

3 George in shotgun Pats in blitz mode skins timeout

4 George in shotgun blitz is on pass to Bennet complete

5 2nd and 8 Blitz up the middle (jail break) George attempts to throw it away as he is being sacked ball is intercepted as ball leaves his hand


1 Ball incomplet

2 pass complete to the 15 to T Small

3 3rd and 1 ball given to FB for first down

4 1st and 10 T Brady nearly sacked by Ham but ham is thrown off and Brady throws ball away

5 Arrington lines up over Center

breaks in and knocks down the pass

6 3rd and 10 pass incompete

7 F is good Pats 17 Skins3


Short kick returned by W Rasby

1 1st and 10 42 secs at skins 35 Timeout Pats

2 George in shotgun pass to Lockett for 17

3 1st and 10 at Pats 47 pass rsh scramble Alexandr drops another ball in his hands

4 George is hit hard on safety blitz up the middle shot to the ribs

5 deep pass to Westy complete for 37 yards

6 Blitz pass incomplete Pats called for pass interference Gardners hand was interferred with by the guys face mask

7 George passes to lockett o the right side for TD

8 PAT is good Pats 17 skins 10

Squib kick to the Pats #26 first down to ht the returner.

9 QB kneel down halftime

Kickoff D Mac Returns the ball to the 34

1 Banks hands off to KJ Carter for 4 yd gain

2 KJ Carter runs up the mddle for minimal gain Fletcher is playing Tackle

3 3rd and 3 Banks call timeout

4 3rd and 4 pass to Derriu Thompson complete

dances for a 14 yds

5 D Mac and Derrius on one sde ball complete to D Mac for a first down flag on play Pats had 12 men on field declined

6 1st and 10 at 24 KJ Carter on draw play for a yard

7 KJ Carter up the middle flag for 4 yds on play facemask on Pats

8 1st and 10 at 12 blitz Banks threw it away

9 KJ Carter gains 2

10 3rd and 8 at the 10 Banks back for pass blitz on the left pass to Rasby incomplete he was open but Banks didnt have time

11 FG is good from 27 yards Pats 17 skins 13

KickOff into endzone fumble caused by #96 recovered by pats

1 pass to C Jackson complete for 14 Central mcclellan missed

2 K Faulk runs for 2 yds

3 K Faulk on delay runs for first down stopped by Terrell

4 K Faulk runs fo 2 stopped by #92 Deloach

5 Brady pass for 15 on square in stopped by terrell

6 K Faulk gains 1 to the skins 35 stopped by A pierce

7 Brady pas over the middle incomplete

8 3rd and 9 draw play minimal gain

9 50 yd FG attempt is good

Pats 20Skins 13

Kickoff D Mac returns the bal to the 32 yard line nice return

1 Banks pass to Rasby complete

2 2nd and 1 KJ u the middle to the 44 yd line

3 1st and 10 Banks pass to fullback nearly intercepted

4 2nd and 10 false start on T Simmons

5 2nd and 15 swing pass to KJ Carter for 3

6 3rd and 12 quick pass to K Watson incomplete in and out of his hands

7 Barke high punt is a boomer returner signals fair catch lets the ball bounce to just outside the 5 yd line went from being t the 20 if he caught it

Injury Report Robert Jones mild knee sprain

1 Pats run for 3 yds

2 Pass to Jermain wiggin for 30 yards mistackles

3 pass to TE J Wiggins for a yd

4pass to C Jackson complete for 17 stopped by number 31

5 Pats runs for 2 yds

6 Brady pass to K Faulk in the flats caught one handed jukes for a first down

7 Faulk catches ball stopped by #5 after 2 yd gain 2nd and 8 at the skins 34 End of 3rd

8 pass incomplete

9 pass complete to #35 Lyle doesnt wrap him up so the RB gains enough to attempt a FG

10 53 yd FG is good Pats 23 skins 13

Kickoff D Mac out of the Endzone returns to the 22 yd line

1 T Banks play fake deep ball to an open Skaggs dropped he was looking at the defender and not the ball into his hands

2 K Watson runs for 3 yds

3 3rd and 7 Banks overthrows the ball on purpose because of pass rush

4 punt caught by Faulk one yd gain stopped by Ohalete

Pats ball

1 Pats runs right for 12

2 Pats loses ayd on run play up the middle

3 Deep pass incomplete covered by C McCleland and #35

4 Screen pass to K Faulk goes for 54 TD of QB scrambled right threw back to the left

Pats 30 skins 17

D Mac fumbles at the Goal line recoversand runs the ball to the 14

1 Banks passes the ball for 3 yds Holding

2 1st and 17 Banks bac to pass ball tipped incomplete

3 2nd and 17 Banks blitzed hit as he dumps off to Watson

4 Banks sacked on another blitz

5 Faulk return the punt for 16 yds to midfield

Pats ball

1 1st and 10 at 48 Walter williams runs for 5

2 W Williams stopped by 96

3 Pass complete to C Johnson nicw catch considering he hung on to it while #35 decked him as the ball arrived a sec before the hit

4 Pats runs for 2 yds

5 Monds stops Williams for gain

6 Screen attempt incomplete

7 46 yd FG Attempt is good Darn can we get this guy?

Kickoff dropped i endzone by D Mac

1 Stanley Stephens runs for 6

2 Stanley Stephens 1 yd

3 Stephens runs for 1st down

4 Stephens for 4

5 Stephens runs for 4

2 minute warning

Banks throws for 1st down

7 Stephens minimal gain

8 Stephens runs for 5

9 Bostic on kickers. Kickers aren't football players

Stephens runs again as clocks runs out.

Pats 33 skins 13

My other half, sharing the Command seat, informs me that I have better things to do with my hands so goodnight

[edited.gif by NavyDave on August 30, 2001.]

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Originally posted by NavyDave:

Ref sounds a lil Nervous

I'd be Norvous too if I thought my job status was tenuous. cool.gif


"Loosen up, Sandy baby. You're just too damn tight!" - John Riggins to Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor

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Arrington apparently was everywhere on that drive with four tackles. Dang, that's what I like to see! cool.gif


"Loosen up, Sandy baby. You're just too damn tight!" - John Riggins to Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor

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Offense looks real bad. 8 yards total for the quarter. They've taken some bad penalties that’s setting up loooong 3rd downs.

D looks solid. Lang and Boose have looked good. Smoot has had some excellent pass defenses. All of the Patriot’s yardage has come on short passes underneath.

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1st and goal on the 7 for the Pats.

Antwon Smith to the 4.

Smith scores from 4 yards out. Looked like it was going to be stopped for no gain, and then……he’s in. Tackle missed by Shade in the backfield.

14 – 3 Pats with about 3:20 to go to the half.

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George back to pass and is mobbed….again. George fumbles (actually intercepted right out of his hand. Pats recover on the 24. George has absolutely no time.

1:30 to go and the Pats have the ball now on the 15.

Short run, Pats get a yard and a 1st down on the 14.

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Lockett with a nice catch to the Pats 47. Prevent D.

George is hit hard as he releases the ball and is pounded. George is down.

He gets back up for the next down and hits Westbrook for a big gain. Woooo! 1st and 10 from the 10. 16 seconds to the half.

Pass interference in the end zone by the Pats. 1st and goal from the 4. 12 seconds till the half.

Pass to Lockett……TOUCHDOWN!!!! What a series by George after taking that big hit.

17 – 10 Pats.

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