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The Redskins choke again


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Another season of disappointment in the books. I know, there are three more games to play, but this one's over folks. The early hole they dug was just too much to overcome.

Same old story. Botched field goals, dropped passes, poor throws, missed tackles, etc., etc. Soooo Norv-like.

This much I know for sure. I'll be very happy when Westbrook is in another uniform. The guy NEVER steps up in big game, he steps down. How big was that dropped pass in the 3rd qtr.?

Brett Conway, I hope you have another way of earning a living next year. You're going to need it.

Eagle fans, congrats on another road win today. That's impressive, but you guys are STILL a$$holes.

Part one of vent/rant over. Excuse me while I pukeface.gif

p.s. WHY CAN'T THEY WIN AT HOME???!!!???

[edited.gif by RedskinFan4Life on December 16, 2001.]

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