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You've Been Rick Rolled!

Big Weirdo

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You know, it doesn't really work if you tell us we've been rick rolled BEFORE we click the link. You're supposed to pretend its a link to something else...

Okay, don't lie. Who likes to listen to this song? :D

You clicked it anyway. And really. The video is enough to just click it and watch. The dude does a backflip off a CHAIN LINK FENCE!!!!!!!!!!!$%^&

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I knew you'd love it. I didn't even know about it until my hot korean friend told me about it.

i had been rick-rolled once...it wasn't pretty. but you should have seen what i responded back with. i took quite a hit to the pride from the rick-rolling, but i don't think he'll ever be the same with what i hit him with... :evil:

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