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The below listed quotes were made from ONE person here at ATN. The quotes were made between november 1st to now. Can you guess who it is?


Actually, the pukes haven't played GB or Detroit...let's see how their defense does against them.
It's likely.

You guys are about to lose some games.

Buckle up.

Golly, THA, the fear in your post is the most I've seen since I've been here at ES.

You're about to come crashing down to earth. Romo sits to pee has had two bad games in a row and is now about to face some decent competition...as is your defense.

No more patsies...no more Bears, no more Vikes, no more Bills, no more Dolphins...now you play real teams.

Philly will continue to beat you like a drum for the forseeable future. :laugh:
The NFCE is not the little sisters of the poor as you've been playing the first half of the season.

Eli has two things going for him...your secondary and revenge.

Look out...


Romo sits to pee has good games and bad games. And he faded last year after a 'spectacular' start. I'm anxious to see this second half... :laugh:
Ah, the next three weeks should be fun...the puke meltdown begins...
No, THA, you are working yourself into a frenzy...on a Skins board. :laugh:

The pukes beat another bad team (you know, with a losing record going in).

True or false?

Riddle me this, how many teams have the pukes beaten that had a winning record when they played them?

The only thing comical is puke fans believing Romo sits to pee is as good as Brady or Manning.

Romo sits to pee is playing behind a pro-bowl line right now.

Forgive me, but 50% of the NFL qbs would be having a better year than Romo sits to pee if they had that protection...

But, keep deluding yourself. Romo sits to pee didn't begin the slide last year until game 7 or 8...

Reality hurts. The pukes haven't won a playoff game in eleven years....they've beaten one team with a winning record this year. ONE...

Romo sits to pee's worst games last year were his final five.

The odds of your team staying healthy for the rest of the season are against you...and, no I'm not wishing ill for your team, I'm just stating a fact.

Your team has lowered itself to endear itself to a fellow who once danced on your star in disrespect. Enlisted to gangsters to play SS and now tackle...

And, were it not for the phenomenal play of an offensive line that I was totally wrong about, you qb would be exposed for what he is...another Danny White.

The pukes don't have enough horses in their secondary to stop either Detroit or Farve. What I like about these two teams in their matchup with the pukes is that they will not waste time with the run...both qbs are accurate enough to score early and often. Roy Williams will repeatedly be exposed for the terrible cover guy that he is. I'm expecting loads of points in both games.

Detroit, Green Bay, Eagles and, yes, the Skins will beat the pukes...

The facts are that the pukes fade at the end of the year...and guess what? We're at the end of the season.

The fact is you've only beaten one team that had a winning record at the time.


He is average. He's playing behind an above average O-Line.

Be patient...you'll see. He's another Danny White.


So tell me at what point does someone admit they are wrong and just shut up?

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I know! You are another ignorant troll who was banned earlier this year...for the second time. :laugh:

Jeez, these guys are always amazed at how much tr1 thinks about dallas but don't ever stop to think about how much they think about tr1...and he isn't even a rival team--he's one fan. :doh:

Cowboy fans here can pass it on to their less intelligent and emotionally unstable brethern who create dupe accts. to get back in the ATN that from now I will also just close all their threads after I ban them. ;)

They abused their voice and this is not a way they'll get it back. :cool:

<edit---btw, one more month this guy would have been back on under his old acct--now it's permanent.

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