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Redskins miraculously make SB42!Who would you want the opponent to be?Hypothetically!


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I thought I would get a good idea of what team this board would like to see match up against the Redskins, if for some rediculous scenario had us marching our way to Superbowl 42....

Obviously,I will only include the teams that actually have a shot at postseason like ourselves!

Here's the scenario


The Redskins find a way to make it as the #6 seed in the NFC Wildcard position... :cheers:

1)As the Cowboys and Packers draw the 1 and 2 seeds,the Skins travel to play the 3rd seed in the NFC...The Seahawks!Todd Collins does what Mark Brunell failed to do in 05' and throws for 337 yards (2 TD)and Portis runs for 93 yards as the Redskins upend the Seahawks on the Road 26-14.Cooley leads recievers with 8 catches(136 yards) and 2 TD's.

2)In the 2nd round(Divisional) of the playoffs,the Redskins travel to Dallas to play a 14-2 :D Cowboys team that was upended in the finale 30-23 on a LaRon Landry Interception return for a TD.This time in a shocking manor,the Redskins probably had their best game of the year as the Cowboys were unable to stop a hot Todd Collins!Todd Collins threw for 377 yards and 4 TD as the Redskins shocked Cowboy country 41 -20.Anthony Mix and Antwan Randel El led the team with 9 catches each and a pair of TD's between them,while Portis added 1 more for 24 yards in the 3rd quarter.The Redskins advance to the NFC Championship game.

3)As the Packers held off the Bucs in overtime fashion 27-24,the Redskins traveled to Lambeau field in a game with alot of stories...Brett Favre's last game as a Packer and the crazy resurgence of the Washington Redskins...Brett Favre's 1st int. of his career was against the Redskins and his last would be the same as well.CB Fred Smoot would be forever in the back of Favre's mind for years as the Redskins come from behind to beat the beloved Packers 31-27!On a critical 3rd down play in the 3rd Qtr with the Packers up 24-17 and about to score again to make it 31-17,Fred Smoot would pick off Brett at the 5 yard line,which would aventually lead to a Santana Moss Bomb for 59 yards to tied the game at 24 all!Todd Collins would have 285 yards and 2 TD's and Portis would add 1 as well as Cooley...What looked like a spiral type season would find that the Washington Redskins would represent the NFC in Superbowl 42!

Their overall record is 12-7.

Allright Gang!After this WACKY scenario,which AFC team would you like to represent the Redskins in Superbowl 42? :applause:


1)Patriots=Do I really need to explain why?

2)Colts=After the classless season we all have had to endure,what better way to start off the New Year than with 2 respectful coaches in Dungy and Gibbs and the Redskins facing the defending Champions!

3)Steelers=What a good ole' fashion dogfight this would be...and an unlikely matchup that would probably have high ratings to boot!

4)Chargers=Can we finally get rid of the Norvitous curse that has been a ghost to this franchise for so long?

5)Jacksonville=I can see Mark Brunell smiling for all the right reasons in this game...How ironic this would be?Very bad ratings however...

6)Titans=How weird would it be if London Fletcher (former Rams)stopped a WR at the 1 yard line to win the game...(Even though it was Mike Jones)

7)Browns=Strange...?But what player did we all want,when we drafted Sean Taylor?

8)Bills=Can you imagine that of the (would be 6 SB appearances)the Bills and Dolphins would make up 4 of them...?

9)Broncos=I guess this would probably be the final answer to "Who got the better end of the Champ for Portis and 2nd deal"...Right?

My Answer:"We want ....Patriots"..!I would probably be the happiest Skins fan on the planet!! :silly:

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That's easy. Ever since the Cowboys traded their 1st round pick to the Browns so they could pick Brady Quinn, I have been rooting for the Browns to be our opponent in SB42. This way the Cowboys would have the 31st pick in the draft, because they will lose to us.

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Thats a lot of fine details for such a fantastic dream. I'd have to argue about Mix having 9 catches for us in any game. I mean... why not Moss???

Hehe... just kidding...

Erm, yeah, beat the Patriots and win the next 4 superbowls with Todd Collins in a wheelchair.

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The 18-0 Patriots, once we give them their only loss of the season on the biggest stage of them all...that would teach them humility. Gibbs rides of into the sunset being the only one who STOPPED the Pats perfect season. For this reason alone I want the Pats undefeated and AT THEIR VERY BEST IN sb 42...When Redskins Nations STRIKES them down!!!


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