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Canadian father kills teen daughter over her dress


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Can you imagine a father killing his own teenage daughter over the clothing she wore? And his adult son participated in the murder of his teen sister.

This happened in Mississauga, near Toronto, this week not in some backwoods or far off land.

Without reading the article, can you guess the father's religion?


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No. There was no mention of gay sex or financial corruption in the story. :silly::doh:

I admit it. I LOL'd. :cheers:

But seriously, of course I guessed the religion, but I've learned enough from the people here to know that may not be fair.

It reminds me of the day ST died. Doc Walker said, "If you heard that a current Redskin had been involved in a shooting, but they didn't give you the name, who would you guess it was?"

Of course, I would've guessed Sean. But that was strictly a coincidence, and probably not fair to him.

Likewise, I believe my jump to the conclusion that they had to be Muslim probably isn't fair either. Obviously anyone with the ability to slay their own flesh and blood child has some horribly deep-seeded problems.

I'm all for people of any faith being true to their heritage and practices. Teenagers are naturally rebellious, and maybe this young lady should have tried harder to understand her dad's feeling about his faith. (Although I don't think that would've helped her, like I said, sounds like he was ****ing nuts.) But for God's sake, I'm sure that Islam doesn't call for killing your child over the way she dresses.

Truly sad.

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