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Redskins @ Giants Send Off at Redskin Park UPDATED WITH TIMES


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Lets send off our boys in style! Bring your signs, your voices and lets show our team that the 12th man is behind them!

This is the 7th send off of 2007

Date- Saturday December 15, 2007

Time- Meet up at 2:30, the team leaves at 3:30 maybe a little bit early due to weather.

Place: Redskins Park, Ashburn VA

Who is with me, and pez for the 7th Redskins Send off?


After the Send Off a few of us are going to Live4Skins Redskin event at his wine shop. The event is from 2-5 with Chief Z in Ashburn VA.

:gaintsuck :gaintsuck :gaintsuck :gaintsuck :gaintsuck :gaintsuck

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TK will you please just ban him? He is no good to any of us! :silly: :laugh:

He's comic relief for when Whoey ain't around. :laugh:

And, since I trademarked & copyrighted his username, he pays me a dollar each time he posts. :)

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I will be there, Huly.

We need to support our boys now more then EVER!!!

I will also be going with y’all to Live4Skins Redskin event at his wine shop too.


Great guys! Show the team support! I'll be at the shop popin bottles of wine for you to sample! :D

Tk...you coming down? Kp's down the sidewalk..you know what that means! Tequilla!

Huly, thanks for everything you have done!

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