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Key Games for Week 15


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This is assuming we win out.

ARI @ NO (This is HUGE. If we win out, the worst we can do is tie w/ ARI, and we'd win that. So we want NO to lose one more. If this happens, we control our destiny).

ATL @ TB (I'd rather have Tamba clinch their division than worry about having them holding the tiebreaker over us for the wild card.

PHI @ DAL and GB @ STL (We want DAL to claim homefield advantage, making it more likely their starters will rest in Week 17)

Any additions or corrections?

Oh, and of course, :gaintsuck :gaintsuck :gaintsuck

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Tampa holds tiebreaker over NO for their division, there is no scenario in which NO wins the South and TB beats us for the WC. So, we root for ATL to beat them.

Here's my breakdown-

Sea over @ Car. Would be needed if 8-8 makes it.

ATL over @ TB. Remember, if Tampa loses 3, we're in at 9-7.

AZ over @NO. Probably the best chance for the Saints to lose in their last 3 (PHI, @CHI).

@STL over GB. Not that big of a deal, but it would give Dallas an extra game cushion, making it more likely to see their scrubs on Dec 30.

Buff over @Cle. Why??? Easy, If Buff wins, they are still in the playoff picture, and they play the Giants the next week. We want that game to mean something to the Bills

@NE over NYJ. We want NE undefeated going into their last game vs the Giants.

@SD over Det. Not that big of a deal, but would be needed if the 8-8 scenario comes into play.

@Dall over PHI. 2 reasons. Again we want Dallas to have nothing to play for 12/30. Also, I think if PHI loses, they will go to Kevin Kolb for their last 2 games. And while that might SEEM like a bad thing, I think it can inspire the team to win at NO in 2 weeks.

CHI over @Minn. Doesnt really matter. We have to beat MInn either way. But I'd rather see the Bears playing well going into their final game vs NO if we need it.

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See, people need to stop assuming we'll win out. FORGET THAT! JUST WORRY ABOUT US!

Trust me man, if we take it one game at a time, we'll more than likely catch a break. We need to worry about the Giants.

No, it's the PLAYERS who need to worry about the Giants. The FANS can also look at the big picture.
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Guest ComebackKing

I'll never root for the Cowboys.

Dallas most likely will clinch a first round bye for the playoffs, would make very little sense for them to rest their starters in week 17. Especially with what happened in last years postseason the last thing Wade Phillips would want is Romo sits to pee to get rusty going into the playoffs.

I doubt the Cowboys will rest their starters in week 17 especially if we've got something to play for.

There's only 2 games that really matter for me, the Saints game and the Redskins. Saints need a loss somewhere and the Skins can't lose any. All or nothing baby, we HAVE to beat the Giants on Sunday man, absolute must win situation.

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Fair enough. But personally, I'd take it on at a time because I dont wanna get my hopes up.

Ahhh...getting your hopes up is what its all about. Now, believe me I know that getting our hopes up with the Skins the past 15+ years has been a let down (minus 2005 IMO), but thats the fun of it. You gotta believe, man!

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Very nice breakdown, I appreciate the thoroughness!!!

I will cheer my azz off for the games above sunday, then Sunday nite we know what time it is!!!

Do you think it is a bonus for us playing sunday nite, after knowing what scenarios could have played out during the day??

I do!!! It could be the little extra somethin to get over the hump on the road, especially in NEwYork, we haven't played well there in a while!!

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I think moving the game back to 8pm is a disadvantage to us, the weather supposedly will be worse. And i don't want our players thinking about other teams.

I want them to have nothing else on their minds except crushing the Ginats. Damn these next two weeks could be very interesting.

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