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Bears.com: Harris angry about 'dirty play' that injured Garay


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December 6, 2007

Harris angry about 'dirty play' that injured Garay

By Larry Mayer

LANDOVER, Md. – Tommie Harris was fuming after seeing fellow defensive tackle Antonio Garay get carted off the field Thursday night in Washington with what appeared to be a serious ankle injury.

Garay was hurt when Redskins offensive tackle Chris Samuels dove at his left leg.

Garay_inside120707.jpg Antonio Garay gets carted off the field after injuring his ankle in Thursday night's loss to the Redskins.

The NFL needs to change that,” Harris said. “You’re allowed to do that. [One] lineman’s allowed to post you up and [another’s] allowed to go at your legs. But we’re not allowed to touch the quarterback. That’s something that needs to be changed in the NFL.

“Somebody needs to speak out against it. I tried to speak out. I watched film with [NFL Players Association president] Gene Upshaw and showed him that. He said that’s legal. No, you could freakin’ get your career ended by that. Yeah, it was a dirty play.”

Harris appeared to be spooked by another incident that occurred late in the first quarter. He fired off the ball to rush the passer when a fan who had ran on the field bumped into him. Harris initially thought that the man might have stabbed him.

“The dude hit me,” Harris said. “He was laughing. I think somebody bet him some money [to run on the field]. I didn’t want to whup him because I didn’t know if he had something on him.

“I was going to get a sack. I beat the guy with an inside move and then he bumped me. I was like, ‘What the heck is this?’ I didn’t know what was going on. I was checking my side to see if I got stabbed because he bumped me.”

Somebody help me out here, I don't recall the ball being snapped when the fan ran out on the field, he was checking to see if he had been stabbed, I feel that is a bit dramatic, and he was sure he had the sack, right... just like all the other sacks he had that night, he only had 1 assist the whole game. :laugh:


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I found this post by a Bears fan on Lance Briggs, i wonder if he will end up here in burgundy and gold, i don't think we need him.

Here is the post from 94SHOMAN:

Lance Briggs is an a**

yup i cant stand the guy, i was talking to him and Tommie Harris at the game tonight and i told him he better come back next season, he looked at me andd shrugged his shoulders, and the rubbed his fingers together and said show me the money. after that i really hope they let him go. but tommie was cool he talked and gave me his towel, and also i asked Tommie about rex and he said it didnt look good, so i think we will see Orton very soon. over all even with the loss and the very cold air i had a great time at the game. GO BEARS


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I don't remember the hit, but I know Collinsworth said it was a chop block. Chop blocks are illegal, aren't they?

I think they're legal when it's a running play, which I don't understand but oh well.

And I don't blame the guy for being angry or thinking he got stabbed. It was a dirty play, but because of the NFL not Samuels. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if getting a quick stab would hurt that much when you're so full of adrenaline like football players are.

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The knees should be off limits for everyone, not just quarterbacks, though that would probably kill the Broncos rushing offense.

Let's try to keep our hypocrisy down to a low level in this thread guys. Let's not forget the preseason game between Washington and Pittsburgh where Steelers end Brett Keisel stumbled and then fell/dove into Jason Campbell's leg.

Many on this board were up in arms over the whole thing, that he had done it on purpose and that our season was ruined. I think there was a mob ready to crucify. The fell/dove thing depends on your point of view. Our player was the victim, so dammit, Keisel is a dirty player and needs to be shot:rolleyes:

Though the play and situation may not have been the same, the actual act (hitting someone in the knees) is similar. And yet, all I see here is a defense that Samuels isn't dirty and that the Bears are overreacting.

Like I said, let's try to keep the hypocrisy down a little. I don't think Samuels is dirty, but I don't think Keisel is either, it was just an unfortunate occurance. You couldn't have convinced half this board of it when it happened though.

Oh, and yes, the ball was already snapped when the guy ran on the field. If only he had been trampled under Harris' cleats, there would have been some justice.

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Let's try to keep our hypocrisy down to a low level in this thread guys.

I haven't been the one complaining about the Campbell preseason hit or criticizing Harris for complaining about the Garay hit... but it is not hypocrisy. The Campbell hit was someone going after the legs in an illegal fashion. The Garay hit was someone going after the legs in a legal fashion. Maybe the second should be illegal but it is not. Now if Keisel truly had no control over himself, then he could be excused... but you would simply have to be the single most ignorant person on earth to have seen that play and not realized that the LUNGE at the end of the stumble (a lunge that Keisel, being of human intelligence, must have known could only result in contact with Campbell's knee) was within Keisel's control. So your comparison is of apples and oranges.

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