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4 Quarters against the Giants

Redzone Offense

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Please Gibbs, Williams, and Saunders, have the Skins play 4 ENTIRE quarters against the Giants. A 3-point lead at the half does not constitute running the clock out for the entire second half.

Just like you did against the Bears -attack, attack, and attack until the final whistle blows.

GW- Don't go into prevent in the 4th quarter if we have a lead. It usually prevents us from winning. While Eli is on shaky ground, he seems to play best in the 4th quarter which is our worst quarter. Don't let this sorry qb beat us again.

Please, just play 4 entire quarters and don't let up.

Thanks, JG, GW, and AS

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Ugh I hate when we back off and go into prevent on defense. They go right down the field everytime! Why can't GW figure this out! So many teams do this and end up losing because of it. If it has worked all game keep doing it, don't change up on the last freaking drive!!!!

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