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Cool Sean Taylor #21 T-Shirts and more in Redskins Stores, Redskins.com


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Sorry if this is a repost (likely), but I picked up a cool Taylor T-Shirt (PIC BELOW) in the Redskins store (Montgomery Mall) today. I know they have it online, didn't know it was in the stores though, so if you go and want one...definately worth it. $17 but all proceeds go to the ST Fund. The odd thing was that it was on a rack, in the back of the store with out being displayed at all anywhere. Had I not dug through the rack I would not have known they were there.

Just thought it'd be worth posting in case anyone was interested and because it goes to such a good cause.

The shirt itself is very cool, the numbers (21's) on front and back as well as the "TAYLOR" across the shoulders are actually this pseudo-jersey material printed on the shirt and it's actually a nice, quality, heavy-duty White T-shirt. The cool Jersey-esque feel of the 21's and TAYLOR was a real nice touch and absolutely sold me!


"The Redskins will donate profits from the sale of all Sean Taylor merchandise purchased in stores or at Redskins.com to the Sean Taylor Memorial Trust Fund."



21 - Played the game like it was meant to be played. Misunderstood Warrior, Redskin to the core. Thanks Sean!

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