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12/8 Redskins Report* and Redskins Players Club


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This video is unavailable. :(

Hmmmm, your right. It was working awhile ago. I wonder why they made it unavailable? I went to Megavideos because Putfile has been real busy or something the past week. They keep timing out my uploads. I'll keep trying with Putfile and add an asterisk next to the link if and when it goes up. I've tried so many others and it's either too many megs or like YouTube... over 10 minutes, and others have these lengthy reviews before they put them on. If worse comes to worse, I may have to just make them available for download from now on. I'll keep trying. Thanks bubba!

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Thank You.

In the Player's Club does anyone know what the "honorable" music is playing for the majority of the Top 10 Redskins plays? It starts at about 9:10 or 9:11 and ends I think by the time the number 3 play shows.

I heard it several times on Comcast during the preseason but haven't heard it much since. I really like it.

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