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If we don't embrace Landry now...


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Just the thought of having both Taylor and Landry for years to come in our secondary gave all of us hope that our "D" would be feared like no other.

The creation of area 51 was well suited, but now things are painfully different and if we don't embrace Landry now for the potential great player he may become, will will loose him to free agency when the time comes because we refuse to stop comparing him to Sean.

Even though he is only rookie, there are teams right now that would love to have him and would embrace him as their Sean Taylor. If next season, or any following season, we are still evaluating him based on what Sean became after four years, don't think for a minute that it will not factor into whether he stays with the Redskins.

He may never be able to play in the cleats of Sean, but quite frankly I think he brought his own pair to wear. After four years we can compare the two, until then...drop it!

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To be "loved" he has to do something first doesn't he?

Don't get me wrong, even though I was against his selection in the draft (wanted Dline), I've had no problem with his performance thus far this season. He's been a solid player and I have hope that he can continue to improve into an elite safety.

But, he hasn't had the impact that I'm sure we all thought he would have when he was drafted.

As for "embracing" Landry or he'll leave. Like Major Harris mentioned, no Redskin in my lifetime has been more "embraced" and "loved" while playing for the Skins than LaVar. But when the personality conflicts happen with a player and coach, the player is going to want to leave no matter how much the fans "love" him.

My biggest fear with Sean was that I always felt that his relationship with Gregg Williams was so strong that if Gregg ever left to coach elsewhere, Sean would bolt to rejoin him once his contract was up.

It's the relationship with the coaches that matter most (and the money :) ) when a player decides to stay or go not the fans affection. :2cents:

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I'm probably going to take a beating for this, but I'm going to say it anyway. LaRon reminds me a lot of a young ST. They're different types of players, obviously, but hear me out.

We drafted ST when he was a kid. And as such, he made some mistakes, both on the field and off. He took penalties that resulted from being over aggressive, and he made some, well, bonehead mistakes like spitting on Pittman.

But we watched Sean grow and mature as a player and a person. He became not only one of our best players, but became a SMART player. He picked and chose his shots. He didn't take the stupid fouls anymore. And subsequently, when we lost him, he was playing as well as any DB in the NFL.

I see Landry having a similar progression. The kid's made mistakes this year. He skipped an autograph session that fans were waiting for. He's been fined for late hits, and helmet-to-helmet shots on QBs. But he's also made plays, and shown us that he has ridiculous upside.

If LaRon reins in his aggressiveness a bit, and doesn't take stupid penalties, and continues to progress in coverage, he'll be a pro-bowler for a number of years. It was only this season that I came to see Sean realizing his full potential, and I expect LaRon to take a few years to become the best he can be.

I'll say this. I love the kid, and I hope he retires here. There will be some growing pains, no doubt. But with the great ones (ST) there always are.

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Just from game one to Thursday's game I could see a big difference in Landry. He still gets dumb penalties but that will fade with experience.

Yep. And that pass he jumped and broke up in the end zone? I have to say, that reminded me of someone else. :(:)

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It's a weird situation. ST getting drafted was as exciting to me as Champ Bailey and Lavar. I was so in love with the idea of him playing with us. When Laron was drafted I was excited to see what he could do with ST next to him. It was all about the tandem. If I was honest with myself, and we didn't have ST already in the back field, I think I would have been a lot more excited to draft him.

A am excited to see what the kid can do, and I do think he's had a good rookie year for such an unglamerous spot. Taylor blossoming into the great player we were all waiting for him to become took a lot of the spotlight off of him, but he's had some hard hits and some good plays. I hope that we'll realize that he can become a great saftey in his own right. Right now I'd rather have him then 90% of the safteys playing on other teams and would only rather have one of the elite player (Ed Reed, etc.) then him and his potential.

Plus I don't know anyone who isn't embracing him. He'll never be ST, but he can still be a fan favorite and have a bright future. LAst year everybody was complaining about how ST had dissapeared and wan't progressing. We're using Landry in a similiar role this year, so I have every reason to believe that he can blossom into a great FS once GW figures out how to use his talents the way he finally figured out how to use Taylors....

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