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Images of winter 2007/8(Last few. It's Spring).


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'Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."


Not much, but with this latest storm kicking our butts, thought I'd share some pics in hope to spread some holiday cheer.

Er. Quick background on that winter storm putting a whuppin' on us right now. Last Friday, we saw the first good sized storm of the winter. Yesterday, with all kinds of heavy snow warnings out, it started to snow. About 3:30 right when I was leaving work. This a.m. around 6:30, 10 inches of the white stuff was waiting for me outside. This kept on throughout the day then started to taper off. Went over to the side job to help brother Utah do some work. We talked about the Redskins of course, but also how the "worst" of the storm was still to come. On our way back from a tool rental place, the sky really started to get dark. And that feeling we all get in areas where we are used to the weather, came around. "It's here." An hour later, and the "worst" was clearly here to stay. We got out of dodge but on the slow drive home, (roads were not.......great), took a few of these. May have to go out and get some more. Some cool looking holiday scenes out there. Happy Holidays.

Olympic Park right when you get into town.




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I was thinking that since you were given the MOD title we would not see Rocky Mountain images anymore. Glad to see it ain't so!

Great Shots PCS.

Moderating won't change the Jayman. The Jayman will change moderating. :)

Nice work, brother. I really like the shots of the trees with the colored lights, set against the snow. Very cool.

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Well again, just like last time, I was doing the side job thing when this thing came screaming in. Just like last time, it was after some heavy snow snow in the morning with some clearing during the day. However, this one was worse than the last one by far. So of course, I decide to drive around in it and take pics. :doh:

Few unspectacular pics that I hope at least, help in the holiday spirit,(it really is nasty out there to be in though).




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Wow. I can't even fathom that. I was just complaining to the Mr. about having to shut our terrace doors b/c it's gone down to 74 degrees at 10:15pm and I'm chilly. Seriously.

The pics are beautiful...they scare me a little, but they're beautiful.

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It's an absolute white out out there right now. So what did I do a little earlier? Drove in it of course. Must be a Rocky Mountain thing. :) What it was like on the roads,(and is now actually).



It's good to get behind of these trucks sometimes.


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Awesome pics PCS!

The ones from your Dad's house and the sun setting is beautiful!

Thank you again. Actually, that's the moon rising at dusk. It was coming up right when I was with my nephew watching the family of deer eat my dads landscaping in his driveway. :)

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