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Todd Collins hasn't thrown an INT in 10 years.


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Makes what he did all the more impressive. And what JC's done all the more embarassing.

LOL, unbelievable. Campbell is the guy who wears the shirt with the big red and gold numbers they are a 1 and 7 in that order. Usually he is the guy that stands behind a bunch of other guys wearing the same shirts but they have different numbers on them. A lot of times he will grab the ball from between another guys legs and either hand it someone else or throw it.

I just wanted to make sure that we were talking about the same guy.

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Todd collins hasn't thrown an INT in 10 years since his last year with the Bills in 1997.


We all appreciate the jinx you just put on him too, homey. knock on wood or something. Do you think we are better with Collins? I don't, but I think this board is lemming city, so it's conceivable that we will have a media storm on our hands. How pathetic is that?


is anyone else waiting on ToddCollins15 to post something?

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His numbers were great yesterday but I will withhold any opinion on him until he plays a full game when the team he is playing is expecting him.

Hopefully he can at least play better than Eli Manning who has 17 TDs and 17 INTs this season.

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If Mark Brunell had come into the game last night, and played respectably, as Collins did, would we be talking about Mark the same way some are about Todd today?

Not aiming this at anyone in particular... just more of a general question.

If #8 came in and performed well, we'd be talking about 2005 again... :silly:

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