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KUDOS to the FANS -

Many cards, emails etc., concerning Sean

"Electricity" on the field - motivated TEAM

Can't say enough good "things" about the FANS

TEAM - Truly a great group of guys

Cooley, never leaves the field - went in for X-ray - back playing

Shawn Springs - Almost didn't play, missed "walk thrus" this week, Springs wanted to play - everyone saw what happened

Fred Smoots - Sick/ went in with Trainers - saw what was happening on the field - Bears making yards - told the Trainers he "needed something" - snuck back out on the field and told Williams "put me in"; started throwing up on sideline and locker room after game - "again"

Portis - Sick, went in and played

JASON - "good news" - MRI didn't show need for surgery - optimistic/cautious about future treatment -

Worked hard in the off season

Talked about TEAM awards -

Testament to Todd Collins - (Collins wife is pregnant-due to deliver any day; Collins on phone with wife - Gibbs got on the phone and told Collins wife that Todd saved the Skins)

Great Leader - Good to have the experienced QB to step in and play

Gibbs felt Collins was always a serious QB - came off the bench with confidence

Players said he was great in the huddle

Confidence, confidence, confidence with Collins

Mark (Brunell) backup to Collins

Dan supports Gibbs for keeping two Veterans QB backing Jason

Randy Thomas - Didn't reinjure anything - Randy needs to get comfortable with previous injury in playing

Paloffs - Need the break - will be back next Tuesday - suprised to see TEAM play with intensity they did due to everything they have been thru; Bears played extremely hard

Attest to Team character and "played their guts out" - usual Coach Gibbs!

Phillip Daniels - "thinks he's okay"

With break/ preparing for Giants - "need the break" - emotionally and physically - back then to prepare for the "final push"

Coach wanted to explain to fans "what really happened" with the players going down - happened so fast!

Stories of players - Yoder, tacklers............unusal for everything that happened to the Players and they kept playing - "BONDING".........

I am not at all as good as JimmiJo - but this is a very brief recap of the Presser.

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Press: "Coach, the team looked a little different tonight, a little more motivated."

Gibbs: "Yeah, we told them they could have the week off if they played their guts out and won."

Press: "You didn't do the punt on third down and short like you did earlier this season."

Gibbs: "Yeah, we tried that a few weeks back, and thought if we got a third and short, we might try something like that. So when we had a third and one early in the second half, we took a shot.

Press: "And what happened?"

Gibbs: "It was a hell of a punt."

Press: "How about all the injuries?"

Gibbs: "Well when Jason hurt his elbow we thought about putting Mark in but he insisted that Todd get a chance so he could keep listening to his ipod. Then Cooley and Springs and Portis, and I even pulled a muscle during that 54 yard run. But they are just a great group of guys and fought their hearts and knees and stomaches out."

Press: 'what about the open-up-the offense we saw tonight?"

Gibbs: "Well we had talked about it this week coming back from Miami. We decided to cut off my headphones so I couldn't interfere with Al's play calling."

Press" "Then who were you talking to?"

Gibbs: "My son and I were discussing next season's NASCAR stragedy and payroll."

Press: "The team really seemed to step up tonight and take charge of their destiny."

Gibbs: Yeah, we talked about that this week, and decided to cut off my headphones so I couldn't interfere with Al's play calling. They are just a great group of guys and they just never stop fighting. Even in the ambulance, they just give it their all."

"Press: "How are you going to prepare for the Giants?"

Gibbs: "Well they are a hell of a team, and we're going to have to keep fighting, and keep my headphones turned off and see what happens.


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He literally said this too:

"We have real character guys that fight their guts out."

I lol everytime he says something like that in a presser

I was trying to listen to it while posting something else, I got to that point and couldn't finish my sentence - almost died laughing. :laugh:

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Thanks for the recap. Nice job.

Thank you; I am not even close to JJ and the excellent job he does - but some aren't able to get the presser at work, so thought I would give a "stab" at recaping for everyone.

We do have an excellent FAN base, We do have an excellent TEAM - I want it to "gel" so we can make the paloffs so bad - for everyone, just NOT for me. "We deserve" a break - :cheers: :2cents:

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Just listened to SportsTalk 980 ----- they (forgot the guys names) said that Gibbs made a subtle crack against the NFL network.

Gibbs indicated that they were going to send a tape of the game out to Todd Collins' wife (who happens to be pregnant) because she wasn't able to see the game at home.

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