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JC Apparently Out a Month


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From Cindy Boren's WaPo chat:

Silver Spring, Md.: Let's say Campbell is out for 3-4 weeks and we end up running the table with Collins at QB. Who do you start in the playoffs?

Cindy Boren: Wow. Turns out I AM Nostradamus. Just call me Clair Voyant. La Canfora is hearing that, they just read the MRI and it looks like a four-week injury. So that does indeed complicate things, does it not??? If -- big if -- Collins leads the team into the playoffs and they're in a rhythm, don't you have to stick with him? I would. But, again, I keep getting passed over for NFL head-coaching jobs. Sigh.

Interesting question now. Really stinks that Campbell is pretty definitely out for the rest of the regular season--I know he had his ups and downs and Collins clearly has a better grasp of the offense but I really am not sure if Collins and his awful armstrength can continue to thread the needle perfectly and carry us the rest of the way. I really thought JC would start to hit his stride and we could win these next 3 with us.

Oh well, it's time to really see what Al and TC can do, I guess. JLaC reported today that apparently TC was Al's choice for starting QB the whole time and he seems to be much more comfortable with him--as much as I disagree with that and us not letting Campbell try the same things, if this is what it'll take for the offense to go for the throat and come out throwing up 4 in the fourth quarter and all that, I'm all for it.

Todd Collins, carry us.

JC, we're glad this doesn't look to be too serious and you should make a fine recovery for next year and remain our QB of the future. Put in the extra time while rehabbing to really learn this playbook and watch how Todd really executes it and hopefully next year we'll have a Jason Collins, lol--Jason with incredible smarts and that great armstrength and skillset he already has.

Get well soon, Jason.

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