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Campbell Injury Update Thread


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Just wait. Once anything new comes out, it'll be posted in about 2.37 seconds.

........you really don't need to wait, though. It's a dislocated knee cap. Jason is done for the year. The official announcement is only delaying the inevitable. It may not require surgery as long as there is no damage, but it will require months of rehab. We're lucky it wasn't an ACL Tear, but that doesn't change the fact that Jason will need to be put on the shelf until next year.

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Patellar Subluxation;

Almost a certainty Campbell is down for the season.

Hopefully, there was no tear to the MPFL (medial patellofemoral ligament). This is what the MRI will reveal today. A tear would likely require surgery, and the likelyhood for recurring dislocation is high..


That sounds like the injury is pretty serious. And stupid me was happy that he didn't tear his ACL.


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