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Our remaining schedule, while hard, is certainly doable

Game 1: @ NYG

Yeah, historically, we stink at the Meadowlands. Remember 36-0? That happened there. When we played the Giants last time, they didn't have that beast Jacobs either. However, winning this game is certainly doable for the Skins. This is the time of the year the Giants start choking and that Eli Manning-led offense has not looked very good as of late. Plus, we get 10 days rest, which is almost a bye. This is essential for guys playing with injuries like Cooley, Smoot, Griffin, Randle El, Moss, Portis, and Springs to recuperate. The key here is to hope to get Thomas back. I know that he had an elbow injury but hopefully the extra time off will allow him to get back. I think the coaching staff has put their money on Heyer for the rest of the year and, at the beginning of the game, Heyer and Thomas looked good together.

Game 2: @ Minnesota

Probably the hardest remaining game on the schedule, because we go against the best back in the NFL. Don't be fooled into thinking that Minnesota is completely one-dimensional, though. In the past couple weeks, Tarvaris Jackson has actually been stepping up and has completed a couple deep bombs to Sidney Rice. They also have the best run defense in the NFL and although they are statistically the wosrt pass defense, they are middle of the pack for opposing QB rating. They will also be fighting their hearts out like us for that final playoff spot. Gregg and Al are going to have to work extra hard on this one.

Game 3: Dallas

Guys, it hurts but cheer for Dallas like I am. They've been the most respectful anyway of all fans about Sean Taylor's passing. If they are 14-1 here, they will probably just lay down, because they have homefield advantage in the playoffs. Who knows though? These are the Redskins, known for doing the hard things but failing to finish.

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