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What we want to happen this week (to be in the Wildcard drivers seat)


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Cowboys to beat the Lions in Detroit.

Seahawks to beat the Cards in Seattle.

and finally for the 49ers to upset the surging Vikes in San Fran.

I know that anything can happen any given sunday so NOTHING is a given, but IF these things happen then I believe it would put the Redskins at the #6 seed and in the drivers seat with a 6-7 record and 3 games to go.

We would be in the drivers seat due to our head-to-head tiebreaker with the Cards, and Lions. I am not entirely sure if we would be in front of the Vikes actually, but we play them anyway so thats the time to overtake them.

The playoff run of 2007 just might be seriously starting, well find out for sure come sunday.

Potential -

#6 seed - 6-7 Washington Redskins


- 6-7 Arizona Cardinals (@ Sea,should be close, but 'Hawks in Sea is tough, L)

- 6-7 Detroit Lions (v.s. Dallas, should be a L)

- 6-7 Minnesota Vikings (@ SF, if this were in Minn I wouldnt give the 49ers a chance but theres always an outside shot of an upset in SF, ideal scenario- L)

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We need Saints to lose another game. The rest should take care of itself. Tiebreakers now with Arizona, Detroit and Chicago. Minnesota is irrelevant because we play them and even if they are 1 gm ahead a win against them puts us ahead of them. Need the Saints to lose again though.

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Don't get your hopes up with the rest of the season. Jason is out and No team will fear Todd's arm. The bears suck and the next three games will be hell.

Wait a second..Teams fear Jason's arm? Thats news to me.... I like Campbell but I dont think people were game planning against him. He hasnt made it to that level yet. IMHO.

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Yea and the 2nd is division record.

Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the division.


Yeah but that doesn't matter because we play them. So if we end up tied, the winner of that game will get the playoff spot due to the head-to-head result. The second tiebreaker only matters if you haven't played the team (or if you tied the team head-to-head, I would assume).

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