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We give up, we've had enough. Everyone one of our key players has been hurt to some degree, most of them suffering serious injuries.

Our offensive line was destroyed early on, Jansen and Thomas both going down in the first 2 weeks.

Moss and Randel El have been hurt all season, probably a main reason our offense has trouble clicking is neither of them ever practice.

Portis has been banged up all year and with the line the way it is it probably didn't matter what kinda condition he was in.

Our best cover corner goes down for the season, will probably miss some of next year as well.

The most tragic of all, Sean Taylor passes away, no need to explain any further.

And tonight Jason Campbell is carted off the field, who knows how serious it is, but logic tells me its bad and that he like Carlos Rogers will not be ready to go at the start of next season.

Redskin nation is hurting, we can't take anymore, please call off the dogs.

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I think Jason will be ready come next season. I say there is a very good chance its a dislocated knee.

Well from what I saw he looked to be in a lot of pain and they just wheeled him out of the trainers room.We would be lucky if he came back at all this year.

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