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Worse Collinsworth or Gumble? (Merged)


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No need to bash man. Just answer the question, if you want to bash then don't post bud.


Better get some thicker skin around here. Sometimes threads aren't always as well received as we would like them to be, so be ready for some comments in that direction as well. Just some friendly advice from someone who's been here awhile.

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"And its good...no wait, it isnt...My bad"


This isn't even close; it's Gumble by a mile.

Bryant is really an outstanding journalist within his genre, such as Real Sports, but as a play-by-play man, he's the worst.

In the Dallas/Green Bay game, on at least three occasions he referred to Dallas as the Packers. And my favorite of his, is that almost every time someone gets a first down, he'll say "...and he appears to have the first down." This gets said even if the player clearly has the first down by three yards. He stammers, searches for words, has a flat, almost robotic, delivery... It leaves me incredulous how he can be so good and so at ease in the studio with Real Sports, and be so abominably bad in play-by-play.

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I vote Gumble. He's the most boring announcer I've ever had to listen to. Tonight is the most enthusiastic I've ever heard out of him. Most of the time like if Devin Hester takes one back for a TD type of big play, he'll just quietly in a melotone non-dramatic voice, stall, and then say, "Touchdown........." And then silence.


He's got a weak high pitched voice too.

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I am watching this NFL.com live and if this is any indication of what the NFL network is like I don't want it. Cris Collingsworth keeps making stupid comments. Example: "There is Professional football and un-professional football, right now we are watching un-professional football." What the heck? Is it just me or is he a shear idiot.


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