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Patriots go 16-0 or Dolphins go 0-16? (POLL)


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Just thought about this earlier, and I'm sure it's been tossed around before. So I wanted to ask it to the board. Which do you think is more likely to happen? New England going 16-0 or Miami going 0-16?

Personally, I vote for both. At this rate, it doesn't look like the Pats are going to lose and the Dolphins are going to win. The best bet of me being wrong I believe is Sunday when the Steelers play New England.

So what do you all think?

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The Steelers are the last regular season hurdle for the Pats, and I think they aren't going to stop them.

There are a couple struggling teams left for Miami in Cincinnati, Buffalo and Baltimore, but I just don't see any of those teams being as bad or worse than the Phins. NE is going to flat out rape them. Seriously, there will probably be felony charges.

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I'm going with the Pats undefeated. Their only test, the Steelers, are already smack talking-the Pats are VERY lethal when it comes to BB material. Outside of that, they have the J-E-T-S, Fins, and the Giants at the end will likely rest their starters as they'll have the #5 seed locked up.

The Fins, OTOH, have the bickering Bengals and Ravens(both at home) on the horizon-they should easily get at least a win.:2cents:

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The Pats are looking mighty vulnerable as of late...and I think the 'Phins have a shot of winning at least one. I went with neither.

The Pats have indeed looked vulnerable the past two weeks. We'll see if they bounce back to "invincible" on Sunday, or if that vulnerability becomes magnified.

I chose neither. I think Miami will win one. Against who? The heck if I know. I'm no 'phins fan, but it would damn sure suck if they went 0-16.

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