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New disturbing Microsoft Vista error message..


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Once again, I have no idea why it is that everyone has problems with Vista or ANY Windows OS.

Maybe you guys are doing something wrong...

Maybe you guys are operating with poor hardware support...

Maybe Bill Gates just likes me more... :whoknows:

I have Vista on my laptop and have no problesm either. I kinda like it. Somethings suck about it, but it's not bad. :gaintsuck

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My only minor complaint is that I can't watch heros on NBC.com on Vista yet....


I can watch it with Vista....

I haven't had any problems with Vista either and like it. I'm begining to think people are just making stuff up :)

I did just get the 3 rings of death AGAIN, so this certainly doesn't mean I'm happy with Microsoft!!! :mad:

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When MS came out with Win 95, it was the most successful software product of all time. But sales still weren't as good as forecast.

MS commissioned a survey. 100,000 PC owners who hadn't upgraded to 95 were asked "Why haven't you upgraded to Windows 95?" Answers were broken down into categories.

The vast majority gave multiple reasons. (Therefore, if you look at the results, the numbers will add up to well over 100%.)

But the biggest reason, by far, that people hadn't upgraded to 95 was "My existing operating system works".

Microsoft has learned from this mistake, and will never make it again.

I've got a 486 upstairs, it's still running. Bought it in 1993. The OS is Windows for Workgroups 3.1 running on top of Dos 6.2. The machine still works perfectly. :)

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Are you kidding? I wouldn't dare browse the web with that. Not these days. It's got a 14.4 kbps modem!!!

Actually, you'd be pretty safe using it on the internet these days.

See, your computer is too old to be compatible with the latest viruses.

(I used that line with a customer, once. Told her that her computer was immune to the latest viruses, and that she needed to upgrade if she wanted to maintain compatibility. (Which was true.) She thought I was serious.)

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