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The Very Unofficial, Who is on the bandwagen for a paloffs run???


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Let me start this thread by saying this. I hate the fact that we have played so bad and the Skins still tear at my heart strings because of the chance of the paloffs....ok here we go....

Here are the teams in order (from cbssportsline.com)

Arizona, Detroit, Minnesota, Carolina, New Orleans, Washington, Chicago, Philadelphia.....

I will start from bottom and work myself up....

Philly....G-Men this weekend who have a chance to clinch playoff spot in the next week or two = L, Week 15 @ Dallas still trying to clinch home feild=L, best possible at that point..7-9...bye bye...

Chicago...us tonight...homer glasses on L...but close...then to Minnesota...L, bye bye at 9-7

New Orleans...short and sweet I see 2-2 to finish 7-9...best maybe 8-8...

Carolina...to me honest I do not see a win on there schedule...done...

Minnesota...the team that scares me...at SF=W....v CHI...if we win and CHI can pull this off we are golden...but i say W...then us...where we hold our own paloffs dreams...best 10-6....worst 8-8....

Detroit...tough schedule...even if they pull off 3-1...9-7..but I see 8-8..or worse....

Arizona....Seattle puts them at 9-7 this weekend...and with help from NO or STL...8-8...but best 9-7....

Redskins....so very possible that we go 5-11...but if we can put together 16 quarters instead of 8 the rest of the way...I see 9-7...maybe closer to 8-8...

I am not going to make any predictions...but I will say this....if we win out....WE WILL BE IN THE PALOFFS....or playoffs....

If we finish 8-8...and get help from New Orleans, and Chicago to bring all other to 8-8....WE WILL BE IN THE PALOFFS.....

so my question is, with this very long and rough season, with all the heartbreak and sadness we have felt over the loss of a great father, person, player....through all this....WHO IS WITH ME????

SKINS FANS, HOLD OUR HEADS HIGH!! and cheer for a run to the playoffs....i will not stop believing until that 9th loss goes into the books...



Sorry for long post...and something that has been talked about, but its game day and I am EXCITED...28 degrees at kickoff, cant wait!!!!!!


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I'm always on the paloff bandwagon for as long as it is still the least bit possible. Then I move on to the "please don't finish last in the division" bandwagon. I was sorely disappointed on both parts last year but I'm eager to line up for more punishment.

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this year I don't feel any passion for the game both from the fans and the players. Its hard to watch the skins play to lose style. Don't keep your hopes up guys because this team has a tendency to crush hopes. Love the team but be real, do you guys really think the skins can beat the giants and the cowboys? They also have to go to Minny and face a hot viking team.

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If the Redskins make the playoffs this year, it will be quite possibly my all-time favorite Redskin season-- including the Super Bowls. I mean that.

Can't say I "believe," but I am absolutely behind them.

Not sure I've ever wanted them to win as bad as I do tonight-- for so many reasons.

Yep, my emotional state is on the line again tonight, which as we've all learned, isn't always a great thing :)

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I have been on the Redskin bandwagon for 22++++ years, I have never fallen off and I never will fall off. Playoffs, here we come.

BUCS, We want you at Fedex South in January. Oh, Im going to love this sweet revenge AGAIN!!!! Just like 05!!!!

Book your flights now.

thats what i kept saying as i was leaving fed ex south. I was like "uh oh, this might be '05 all over again..."

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