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Joseph Strauss

One Shot

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wrote deez earlier today

When I breathe a storm on the acid child

the pencils pierce the heart of the house

the tapedecks blare through the windows on the walls

of a consequential earthquake, I pull the balloons out of

a happy poodle's anus

the books fly around in disgust

flipping some letters around a room

with no writing, hoping to spread the news that

joseph strauss has been sodomized

by a crazed duckling

when those suicide hotlines on the golden gate bridge

start to go out......

We jump with the chords wrapped around our ankles,

and when we hit the water

we rise in a swamp of ink made of steel

as he taps a vase drained of its color

it pours the mercury into our lungs

we glare through a world made of green and blue diamonds

that glimmer and shine while speakers pump medicine

into our brains.....we cross through dimensions

joseph strauss, joseph strauss, joseph strauss.......

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