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USA Today: Steroids found in supplements


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A study scheduled to be released Wednesday and obtained by USA TODAY reports that 13 of the 52 supplements (25%) purchased at various U.S. retailers contained small amounts of steroids and six (11.5%) had banned stimulants.

Wow....maybe all those guys who got caught juicing and blamed it on "tainted supplements" *cough*Shawne Merriman*cough* weren't full of crap afterall.

More evidence that the FDA needs to regulate the supplement industry, as if the Federal Government doesn't already have enough to do.

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I know a friend of mine that was taking a supplement just to find out that it is steroids. Thank God he didn't get caught. Meythl 1D by Legal Gear is the stuff. Read an article that said it's just straight up Steroids. (and there it goes flying off the shelves :D )

Problem with Pro Athletes pleading ignorant to steroid use is the leagues have an approved supplement list and are encouraged to have any supplement not on the list tested before taking. There's no way to plead ignorant.

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These products aren't FDA regulated. From a business model, it makes sense to better your product. From an ethical model, it is a disgusting result of rogue capitalizm caused by the fact that the only group that regulates food and supplements is the US Government. The model of excellency. And the government doesn't regulate supplements. It's an unrestricted market because there's currently no business to regulate supplements because "regulating" is the job of the government, not the people. :doh:

And the worst part is that CAFTA may make it so we outlaw supplements, taking all supplements off the shelf. Completely eliminating a great market promoting health. That, along with universal health care, the patriot act, a declining dollar, the threat of terrorism and the government will soon be telling you what you can and can't eat, what activities you can and can't do, what you can do in your home, what you can or can't say...

So the FDA needs to be eliminated in order for free market competition to flourish and our freedoms preserved. The market will make sure ingredients meet what is acceptable standards through organizations and competiton.

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