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Paloffs is Now: 2007(merged)

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And to think....4 months ago, all the "experts" had us going 4-12 at best, in the basement.

Here we are, NFC East leaders, and control our own destiny to host a playoff game. Suck it, you hating ass ****es.

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With a Giants loss today, do we clinch the division? What am I missing? No one has mentioned this on tv and the way I'm seeing it on ESPN standings we'd clinch with a Giants loss no matter what happens next week.

Help? Anyone?

If Dallas wins next week, we lose tiebreakers with Dallas because of common opponents record.

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I still can't believe this is happening. Seems like every week different guys are stepping up and making plays. I remember before the start of the season Shanahan said that fans would be proud of the depth of this team, and he was right. Sunday is going to be without a doubt (considering the opponent) the biggest game in FedEx history.

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