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What is it going to take to win?


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Somebody else said it here. Unbelievable heart. This team has been through so much recently. If they can put it together and win consider it an amazing feat. Bears will come in focused and prepared. IT's hard to say we can match their intensity for 4 quarters. IF we can and some guys just play out of their mind then we get the W.

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I agree. They need to get back to the mostly conservative strategy that got them to 5-3 and not the open-it-up one that has made them go 0-4 since.

How come we're the only squad that loses playing NFL football? :laugh:

Pats should be 0-12 right now, right?

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The conservative strategy didnt get us to 5-3, we got there despite that, and we beat some really bad competition to get to that.

Now we just went through a stretch of some teams who arent actually incompetent, and weve had one game after another of either a defensive collapse(how are you going to blame that one on JC?) or turnover after turnover(aggressive playcalling and Cooley/Moss/Portis fumbling arent related). Further, we STILL have the problem of our coaches calling the game super conservative(well, at least they have REVERTED back to that). Last game Portis had 2 ypc. If we ran it 40 times he would have had 80 yards. Whoop-de-do. Use your common sense. Watch the tape. The reason we had so little is because the Bills just stacked the line on plays. Yet we STILL moved the ball extremely well and would have won without that safety. Even with that we managed to score on 4 drives. If just one of those 3 FG's had been a TD, guess what? The reoccuring problem with this team is it jumps out to a lead(showing we do have the ability to beat the other team soundly) and then just fades. Think about it. What does that tell you?

I know what it tells me, it tells me either the coaches are getting away from what was working for them, or they arent making the adjustments nearly as well as the other teams are.

This team has all the talent in the world. It just needs coaches who know that. Its about time we tried to win a game, rather than tried to avoid losing it.

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