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Question about the military & education opportunities


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I recently graduated from college with my bachelor's in communications and marketing with a minor in general sciences. I'm having difficulty looking for a new job (I actually work in IT right now) that utilizes my skills and education.

Before going to Salisbury, I wanted to go to Virginia Tech to persue a degree in aerospace engineering but ultimately did not do so for a number of reasons.

While in school I always said if I graduated and had difficulty finding a good job that I would consider seeing what Uncle Sam had to offer. So last night I came to the conclusion that I might want to start doing just that. So for any of you that use the military's resources for your education, would you mind telling me a bit about it? I'm specifically interested in aersopace engineering and the Air Force.

Would the AF provide the education in house, or would I have to apply to a program at a university then serve? Pardon me for not being very knowledgeable about this, I just sort of started looking into it today and rather not get pressured into anything by speaking to a recruiter just yet. Any information provided would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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I can give you some ideas about what to expect. There are several education oppertunities that the military offers. However since you have your degree I am not sure how they will apply to you. But generally speaking they work like this. First, you have what is called tuition assistance. You can go to any school that is accredited and recieve this money. You get this benifit while you are serving. So you will go to class in your off duty time. I think it is capped around 5k a year or so, however it may have changed. When you sign up you qualify for the GI Bill also. you have to put $100 in for 12 months to get this benifit. You may also get an additional bonus. I get the Army College fund, which adds more money to the initial GI bill amount. Once you get out you can use the GI BIll (you can use it while you are in, but it is not worth it) While you are enrolled in school they will pay you about $1000 a month that you are in school. As far as in house training, depending on your job, you may recieve some training but you will not get a degree out of it, however you can get some credit to some courses for on the job experience, so it will lessen the amnount of courses you have to take. Plus you will be very familier with much of the material.

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