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The War that was about Oil (not Iraq)


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Many years ago, there lived a people who were abused and supressed and enslaved. They had in the center of their community a central fire. This fire was never to go out and from it every member of the community lit their cooking fires, lit their hearths and so were able to eat and survive the cold.

These people were brutally treated in many ways and even their temples were defiled. Eventually they rose, a tiny handful against one of Civilizations greatest empires. After three years of struggle, they forced the opressors out, but the opressors had one act of evil left in them. They got rid of the oil for the temple. There was only enough oil left for one night. It would take eight days to get more. Eight days of cold desert nights. Eight days without warmth.

But somehow that oil lasted. Somehow, whether the community searched and scriped, sharing every drop they owned or whether God allowed the oil to burn longer. That oil lasted not one day, not three days, but for all eight days until a caravan could return with oil... and the people survived.

When you most need light and warmth. I hope you will find a miracle in the spirit of man or the spirit of God.

Happy Chanukkah

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It has always been about oil....

This made me laugh.

As a drummer, it's important to never miss a beat.

Best wishes to all.

A Merry pre-Christmas to those who celebrate it. A Happy Chanukkah. And a happy and peaceful holiday season to the rest.

Except for the Festivus people... they get on my nerves ;)

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I think all of them actually. Since Hebrew doesn't use the standard alphabet its words get standardized in multiple ways. It probably depends on which way you say it. If you say Hanukkah, then it's Hanukkah (like Hankerchief), but if you Chanukkah (like you hacking a loogie) then you probably want the Ch.

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