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Mega Ran - Hip Hop with an NES twist


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For all those who think hip-hop and rap are dead (or at least not any fun anymore), and the 80's babies who loved their NES, I strongly suggest checking out Random (Mega Ran). His album, Mega Ran, is really solid rap over Mega Man beats - definitely different and has the nostalgia factor to it too. Here's his MySpace (note: he's a Sean Taylor fan too! :) ):


The two linked videos he has there are from his Mega Ran album and worth checking out.

And here's an article on him from IGN:


Also, it's worth noting that his album is available to download on Itunes.

Please note that I have no relation or affiliation with this guy, and I'm certainly not trying to promote him. Though I do love his cover of "Bubbleman" :D

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Man... I think hip hop is done. Even the NES thing is played out. How long has that Mario Bros. beat been around? 95'? It's whatever at this point. I used to think hip hop had something to offer. Kanye West is minting millions off a completely played out Daft Punk track. Even underground acts like Cage haven't spit anything original in years.

Once upon a time, it took a lifetime of indoctrination to create a docile army of drones (see: Baby Boomers). Then Gen X created the means to start the process while kids are still in the womb (see: internet + MTV-style guerilla marketing). The result has been the dwindling of art and original thought across the board. Hip hop, rock, jazz, etc... They're all suffering the consequences. I was really disheartened when a friend of mine referred to a Backstreet Boys song as a 'classic.' It was both sad and somewhat true. Sorry, Gen Y.

It's going to take kids either saying enough or the industry itself backing off entirely (no more 'talent' scouts) for music to get back on track. It wouldn't hurt anything if schools started funding the arts a bit more, too. Anyway, I miss the days of Rakim and REM.

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