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I am 18 right now and I only started to get into football when I was 14, the same year Sean Taylor was drafted. I live in Washington so naturally I became in love with the Redskins and loved to watch only one person. Sean Taylor has been my idol and hero, I love to watch the game just to see him play, there is no one like him in the NFL and there will probably never be someone like him again. I dont no what to do I tear up whenever I think of him and I keep imagining that horrible night he had. I have no idea what to do and he was my hero and now hes gone. Can some help me with the huge void I have in my life know?

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i'm sorry man... this must be extra hard on you seeing that sean taylor seemed to be your guy when it came to football... for me brett favre is that guy but when it comes to the redskins, as you can see from my user name, sean taylor is my dude... don't feel bad... crying will make it easier and help you recover a little quicker... i've dealt with this before with 2pac... it's hard... but like 2pac, even though ST is gone his memory lives on... just go on to youtube to see for yourself...

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This may not make sense right now, but what you're doing now,reaching out, goes a long way in helping yourself out.


This is some of the best advice I've seen around here all day.

Remember the joy that Sean gave you throughout his career and take solace in the fact that he is in a better place.


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He was my idol and my hero too. We will never be able to truly understand what happened yesterday. All we can do is remember the player and man that was. The pain will never go away. I remember when Johnny Unitas passed, my father said it was the end of his childhood. Sean Taylor was my Johnny Unitas, my hero, the guy I tried to emulate on the field. This is hard for all of us, eventually we'll cope. Untill then all we can do is mourn.

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I am 18 right now and I only started to get into football when I was 14...

Losing heroes is incredibly hard and there is nothing that anyone can do to bring him back. I applaud you for seeking help, and pray that you find someone with whom you can establish a new respect for.

I can totally understand your sadness and hope that it gives you some sollace knowing that there are lots of people going through the same thing, and the best thing that you can do for yourself is to talk through your problems and not bottle them up.

Football isn't going to be the same, but atleast know that Sean Taylor died being a protective father and loving husband (I know he was only engaged, but his actions are that of a husband.)

This too shall pass

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we all go true bad things in life. life is hard man but we got 3 SB's

my wife after 30 years found a new man. good for her. i still got 3 kids

who love me. we still have the skins. that's right i said we. and there

are lot of us. pm any one of us any time 24/7 kept the faith. i'll pray for

you and 21's families.

by the way you do know that :dallasuck


stop trowing the ball my way. are you stupid?



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