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I want to thank you all for being behind sean and keeping him in your prayers all the way to the end the last thing i said to sean while he was lying in that hospital bed was that when he get out of there were going to get some catus williys even though he couldnt say anything you can tell he can here you and you know you think like ok he's going to be ok you know god will take care of him but next thing you know your best friend is gone without saying goodbye im sure he will be watching over each and everyone of you this page will remain up and it will be ran by me so i thank you all for you condolences and just have a blessed day.


here is a link to ST's myspace page: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=139488383&MyToken=678b5141-c569-4549-b585-e9a7182dd731

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If this is CPs' webpage. That is a great song and message from him. It's really hard to listen to the whole song. It does feel like we lost a brother. Taylor is a Redskin for life.

We'll love you always Sean

from your brothers and sisters :point2sky :helmet:

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At first I thought it wasn't him. This is the 2nd message that he has posted to us today. I thought it wasn't him because he said it from ST's account but maybe he had his login and password? It sounds like him and I sure hope somebody is not being a jerk and pretending to be him!

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I thought I would be a little more controlled today, and I am usually good at bottling up my emotion. Yesterday I was entirely clinical. But all day today I've been in tears or near tears.

My wife is probably confused, but I've taken this as hard as when my grandfather died, and harder than when my dad had his stroke (he's still with us).

Even now, I still have tears to shed. I hate P. Diddy, but that song touches me, and hearing it and reading CP's words, knowing that he is hurting tonight... man. I can't breathe.

I watched the press conference, and bawled like a 8 year old. But when Coach described ST's spiritual state, I felt peace. This team, this coach, I don't care if they don't win another game; I wouldn't trade them for all the oil in Arabia.

And I was worried medicine had broken my emotion chip.

Clinton, if you read this, I wish I could say something to take the pain away. But know that you and your teamates will be in my prayers. God bless you.

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