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Dead Head or not..I think these lyrics are apt..::Loving my Redskin Family::..


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Nothing but love for my burgundy and gold bound brothers and sisters

Nothing but love for Sean Taylor and his family

Beyond thankful we have Coach Gibbs to see us through

Unbroken Chain

Lyrics: Bobby Petersen

Music: Phil Lesh

"Blue light rain, whoa, unbroken chain

Looking for familiar faces in an empty window pane

Listening for the secret, searching for the sound

But I could only hear the preacher and the baying of his hounds

Willow sky, whoa, I walk and wonder why

They say love your brother but you will catch it when you try

Roll you down the line boy, drop you for a loss

Ride out on a cold railroad and nail you to a cross

November and more as I wait for the score

They're telling me forgiveness is the key to every door

A slow winter day, a night like forever

Sink like a stone, float like a feather

Lilac rain, unbroken chain

Song of the Saw-Whet owl

Out on the mountain it'll drive you insane

Listening to the winds howl

Unbroken chain of sorrow and pearls

Unbroken chain of sky and sea

Unbroken chain of the western wind

Unbroken chain of you and me"

One of the many reasons Sean Taylor is my favorite player --

so many of the cold and cloudy NYC or south Florida "rain pouring down on a sunny day" losses have been not saved.. but at least laced with some satisfaction. The satisfaction being at least getting to flash an evil grinn and slam my beer after #21 layed down the savage fury on some punk soon to be hurting receiver


I wrote this in another thread a bit earlier --

I'm in so much pain right now as I sit here and write these words

I was born and raised in the DC suburbs

My job has had me living away from my beloved hometown since the age of 23

the thing is...

whenever I see a fellow Redskin fan, whether it was it was back in my NYC days or down here in Florida, I always light up with a big old grinn. Most times we'll stop and talk a bit, sometimes just a smile nod and fist pump

As for Sundays in the Fall -- I usually fly back home for few home games. When I can't I head to one of the local sports bars. Given the fact that I get rowdy when the burgundy and gold are laying it down, I've worn out my welcome at more than a few

That said, just thinking of the hundreds of fellow "Redskins fans living away from home" that I've shared the beers, jump up and down victories and heartbreaking losses with makes me smile from ear to ear

It's the familiar joy of home that binds us

it's the ...:::Redskin Family:::... that I love so much

when it comes to Coach Gibbs

I can think of no finer man to guide us through what surely is our darkest hour

God bless you all


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No GD fans on the board??


I just found out one of my boys has an extra ticket for me on Sunday

I'm flying home with tears in my eyes given the fact that

I KNOW my burgundy and gold bound brothers and sisters are going to turn Fed Ex into a sonic boom of sound as we shout right up into the heavens as a hundred thousand fans stand strong during the Sean Taylor chant that will surely follow the moment of silence.... HE WILL F***ING HERE THE LOVE!!!!

-- also --

This was indeed a murder -- I’m finding myself day dreaming about karma coming around to haunt the unspeakable trash that committed this horrible crime

I HOPE they let Portis wear #21 for the remainder of the season and retire the number at the 12/30 home Cowboy game

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Did you dudes get the email that went around a while back of the two chicks in Skins jerseys making out in the bathroom during last years Skins/Pnathers halftime??

Do y'all think I'd get banned for sharing them? I got drilled with a timeout last week and sure don't want another one right now... I'm finding it very therapeutic hanging out here during such a tough time for us all

The pain comes in waves... it's all sinking in. I can't shake waking up this morning to a text from my buddy that simply read "Sean Taylor died"

I knew he wouldn't **** around with something so serious

still though... It took me several minutes to turn on my computer. I went to the washington post and saw the head line... my heart went from my throat straight down to my stomach as I sat there and contemplated whether or not I was going to throw up. Everyone at the office has been beyond nice to me today -- I spent most of the day talking with friends from back home a reading the goings on here

Anyway -- just figured some hot Redskin fan chicks going at it would certainly boost our spirits

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Guest Rafterman
"He's Gone"

Now he's gone, now he's gone Lord he's gone, he's gone.

Like a steam locomotive, rollin' down the track

He's gone, gone, nothin's gonna bring him back...He's gone.

RIP #21


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Oh man could he roll down that track

I think the MNF 2 Santana touchdown Cowboy game may well be my favorite hit of all time

We were getting killed so bad that I actually let my girlfriend (at the time) come over in the 4th quarter. Figured an angry session may well lead to some sleep after the brutal reckoning of a Cowboy loss. She came over and actually felt sorry for me at first. I was slumped over on the couch with a blanket over my head... couldn't drink the pain away fast enough


Oh man I know you dudes remember every last detail as well

watching Moss run through the endzone into the Cheifs extended arms was about as happy a sight as I can imagine. THE CHEIFS HANGING IN THE CORNER OF TEXAS STADUIM??!! WTF??! YES!!!!!!!!!!

Then the sick feeling of a Cowboy drive in FG range came over me like... the same feeling an Eagle an Eagle most likely gets when he looks in his bank account.. empty. And they drove as we all watched in horror

and then *IT* happened





ok so we won... I suddenly get the feeling that I forgot about something...

oh yeah... my chick!

I had pretty much blacked out into a raving frenzy topped with an explosion of happiness and completely forgotton about her being there. I let her come out to the bars with my for some non division games but letting her over for MNF against the Cowboys would have never happened under normal circumstances

and there she was sitting all the way over on the other end of a huge section sofa... she looked like a scared wet bunny rabbit....

her comment was a somewhat timid "you're f***ing crazy"... in her thick Long Island accent

damn I kinda miss her sometimes :point2sky

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Hey y'all

I offered in another thread to send out a few Sun Sentinels and Miami Heralds free of charge

Just feel like sharing with my Skin fan bro's

let me know

Tom Boswell has a great article in todays Post btw

bless him -- the only true Redskin fan columnist we have in DC


a pic of Phil and Friends show in SF last night...

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Hey Bro...great thread thanks. Saw GD many o times and Phil and various versions of phreinds at Red Rocks and the Phillmore...GD at RFK anyone...oh yea!

We are all in a Box of Rain right now and we must be an Unbroken Chain!

I love the skins and I love me some Dead from way way way back. Great thread please post more pics and by all means post or pm me the 2 girls in 'skins jerseys!

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Heb M and Battles --

You dudes are so right about the Dead at RKF

The place is beyond holy for so many reasons

My 1st Skins game -- My "Wheaton Boys Club" D Coach took us to a MNF game agaisnt the Rams... the bright green grass, the smell of beer and the of the most indelible vision there could possibly ever be... the burgundy and gold running on the the RFK field

My 1st Dead show --

07-12-89 Robert F. Kennedy Stadium, Washington, D.C. (Wed)

1: Touch, Minglewood, Half Step, Tom Thumb Blues, Far From Me, Cassidy, FOTD, Promised

2: Sugaree*, Woman Smarter*, Ship Of Fools, Estimated> Eyes> Drumz> Miracle> Mr. Fantasy> Black Peter> Lovelight E: Black Muddy River

*with Bruce Hornsby Bruce Hornsby & The Range opened

and of course 4/14/05

BASEBALLS BACK!!! Watching the "bouncy seats" wave up and down with the red, white and blue after Castilla went deep in the 7th was something that goes way beyond genuine joy

Loven those RFK pics!!!! :cheers:

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Yep I was thinking Box of Rain as well. Phil went into that on the 7/9/95 show since he didn't want the tour to end on a down note.

If anyone is interested I have a ton of GD shows on audio and some on DVD as well. I'm always happy to share. I do have the 3/19/95 show on DVD which as we all know is the Unbroken Chain debut.

PM if interested!

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What a joy it was watching Landry lay dudes out last night

When he brought the wicked hammer out on that unnecessary roughness laydown hit – Marty Lo texted “That hit was for Sean”

HELL YEAH!!!!!!!! …:::Taylor/Landry esta flowing with the force like Obi Wan flowed through Skywalker:::…

I know Collins may well not be the long term answer. Still though, it was damn fun watching him run that much talked about playbook of Big Als

From big Chris running down the field and blasting dbs on the Portis run, to Fletcher, Smoot, Springs and the boys outright FLYING to the ball… that was big fun last night


D Green says it best regarding Gibbs -- http://www.darrellgreen.com/for_the_fans/darrell_blog.html

Threw on Festival Express in my post game revelry… listened to Jerry sing this a good 4 times before I went to bed

I think it’s my official post Skins victory song……..

Jordan (Cold Jordan)

Lyrics: Traditional (note 1)

Music: Traditional (note 1)

Played by the Grateful Dead in acoustic sets in 1970, normally with members of the New Riders Of The Purple Sage.

The title "Jordan" used on others' recordings, but it is often called "Cold Jordan" in Grateful Dead setlists.

Oh sinner as you tread on life's journey, take Jesus as your daily guide (note 2)

Though you may feel pure and saintly, without Him walking by your side

But when you come to make the crossing at the ending of his pilgrim's way

If you ever will need your saviour, you will surely need him on that day


Now look at that cold Jordan, look at its deep water

Look at that wide river, oh hear the mighty billows roll

You better take Jesus with you, he's a true companion

Oh I'm sure without him that you never will make it home

That awful day of judgement is coming in the by and by

We'll see our Lord descending in glory from on high

Oh, let us keep in touch with Jesus and in the special love of God (note 3)

And may we ever be called ready when he calls us over Jordan's tide


Now what you gonna do, oh what you gonna say

Oh how you gonna feel when you come to the end of the way?


(1) most recordings list the song as "traditional." But Gary B. Reid's notes to The Stanley Brothers: The Early Years 1958-1961 say:

"Jordan" is thought by many to be an older traditional song but it was written in 1954 by Fred Rich, a gospel songwriter from northern Georgia who conceived the chorus of the song at the Co-op where he worked in Blairsville, Georgia.

Emmylou Harris's recording on her album "Roses In The Snow" credits it to Fred Rish.

(2) early lyric collections had this line (mis)transcribed as "Oh sinning is a gentilized journey ..." - and quite a number still do.

(3) in the version on Dick's Picks 8, they muddle the end of this verse, repeating the end of the first verse here by mistake.

Grateful Dead Recordings



2 May 1970

Dick's Picks Vol 8

Jun/Jul 1970

Festival Express (DVD)

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