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I Feel Like I Just Lost A Brother


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I cannot say anything that someone else hasn't already said, but I feel like I am in the same boat. I want to know why I feel like crying for someone who I have never met. The Eagles game I went to now has another place in my heart because it was the last time I got to see a great man on the football field. I always defended Sean from detractors who called him a thug, and I feel like he was that little brother who sometimes got into trouble, but you knew would turn it around. I feel the personal connection, even though we never met, and I too feel like I lost a member of my own family today. We lost a great player, a great person, a great father, and a great teammate. May he Rest In Paradise, and may whoever have mercy on his soul.

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It hadn't sunk in all day but now its hitting me. there is a psychological theory about how people handle grief. The first is denial (which im sure everyone has experienced), the second is anger and i know for damn sure we have all experienced that, the third is bargaining or compromise (im not sure what i would ahve done to get sean taylor back but i would do a lot of things to have him back in our lives and his families' lives), the fourth is depression and i know we are all going through that right now.

and the fifth is acceptance and I know some of us have moved into this stage and accepted that tragedies happen in life but it doesn't change the fact that ST was a man among men. He was a great player which we all know but he also was a great person. Through the years we have heard about his problems but we have also heard from his teammates that he was the nicest guy. The saddest part about this was that he had turned a corner in his life with his new daughter and he was having his best year as a player.

We can take solace that he will always be missed and he will always be honored. None of us will ever forget ST for who he was for his family and this organization.

I layed out the 5 stages of greif for you guys so you could possibly understand your feelings and know that with time we all remember ST, not with the sorrow and anger we feel today, but with the joy and happiness he brought in too many peoples lives as a father, brother, son, and boyfriend as well as when he strapped on that number 21 and went out and banged some heads.

HEres to you Sean, We will always love you.

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