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Thought I'd drop in to give my 2 cents on the Taylor tragedy...


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Having been a New Orleans resident for 15 years, I went through Katrina, which was not only a big devastation to the city, but also to the New Orleans Saints. After they revamped the Superdome the year after, you saw the heart, perserverance, and emotion not only the players and coaches had, but also the citizens of New Orleans had as well. While this city may have a LONG way to go with its infrastructure et al, you really have to admire the perserverance the citizens are putting out.

I'll admit-I'm also becoming a Skins fans for the remainder of the season, and I hope the Skins' organization rallies around Taylor and his family and bonds together-which, I feel, Gibbs and co will do exactly that.

With that being said-my heart and prayers go out to Taylor and his family.

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