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what to take away from this tragic event


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In a time like this, when horrible things seem to come crashing down on your life, you have to (even if it is hard) find one or two things that you can learn from it.

It is a game.

Football is a game. Period. No more.

I have lived in a warped world, as I think many of us have who come to this board. I feel like someone has shaken me while screaming WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!

Many times when watching the Skins it would feel like my life depended on it. My entire heart poured into it. When we would lose I would flip out and be in a funk for 2, 3 and sometimes 4 days. It would affect my mood completely. But it’s a game. These are kids and young adults who play a game for fun. There are so many more important things in this short life-time then if your sports team wins 2 games a year or 14 games a year. In the end WHO CARES??? It means NOTHING. One thing I can be thankful for is that this has awakened me, things seem much more clear now. I am going to enjoy the game of football (starting next year, not think I can get into this year), my team and our fans. Win or lose, it is a game. So win or lose, it wont affect how I feel that week.

Second (which relates to my first feeling).

I was a fan who wanted Joe Gibbs to leave after this season (not fired, just step down). I now look at his performance in an entire new light. I used to be apart of the “winning is what matters” group that constantly wanted results and wins.

Joe Gibbs is an honest, trustworthy, loving, faithful, passionate, and over all GOOD PERSON. No better way to explain him than a “good person.” He constantly does things the right and ethical way – never breaking away from his morals. But still I want him to step down – honestly what more do I want from a coach? He is probably the greatest role model in NFL history. Makes me sick to my stomach that winning became such a big deal in my life that kicking out one of the finest human beings to be apart of the NFL was an idea that I shared with many on this board.

This has tragic event has given me something I guess, hopefully it has done the same for others so that it is not all just a loss.

(I dont know if something like this has been posted already. It is worth getting NNT if it has been. I had to get it off my chest.)

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Absolutely value every minute w/your friends, family and loved ones. It sucks that something like this serves to all of us (Redskins fans or not) as a wake up call at how precious life is. We dont appreciate what we have until something like this occurs. This is going to be a constant reminder for me on valueing everything I have and every day I have.

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