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not that it matters...really I mean it


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but the Skins are gonna OBLITERATE the bills this Sunday...

F getting back to .500

F trying to get in the playoffs

Like CP said, "Losing to tampa, losing to Dallas, or making the playoffs...that s**t aint that serious man"

But I CAN'T WAIT to see his friends come out this Sunday and honor him by giving it all they've got! Especially those closest to him who happen to be our biggest playmakers...CP and Moss... Football is the last thing on everyone's mind right now but you better believe that when they step onto that grass on Sunday, they're going to want to honor their beloved #21!!! I just can't wait to see Portis pointing to the sky and talking to ST when he scores TD's instead of doing his little dances...or Moss pointing to the sky and talking with Sean when he scores or gets first downs... I can imagine Landry is anxious to go out and honor his boy and having his best game as a pro... Its going to be bittersweet watching our Skins win this Sunday... but I'd rather have it be bittersweet with a win than just bitter with a loss....

RIP #21... we love you man. :helmet: :point2sky (<--point to Sean)

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