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Taylor Enshrined?


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as far as the ring of fame, i think absolutely. and the number is a good idea too.

and, for those trying to figure out which authentic jersey to buy, i think your decision is made.

in the near future i plan on purchasing a burgundy taylor authentic. i feel like him, cooley, portis, and jc make up my generation of redskin heroes, and wearing #21 every sunday from here on out would be a great way to remember sean


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This has been a kick in the gut today. I don't cry easily, but I have to admit that I did when I heard it on the radio this morning.

But I would say it would be a fitting move to put him on the ring. But the Redskins dont really retire numbers...other than Sammy Baugh's #33. They just don't issue certain numbers like 7, 28, 44, 81, etc.

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